Do you like shiny leather?

  1. Tano has so many cool bags and I just wnat them all but a lot of them are in this shiny "crunch" leather that I'm not sure I'd like if I would see it up close for real. I suppose that's keeping me from spending a bajillion dollars but I was wondering if there are any of you who prefer the shiny leather? I dunno, the photos just make them look like they-re wet. =P But auuugh I REALLY want a Tano Rapunzel in caramel but it's made of that shiny stuff!
  2. I never really cared for the shiny leather look. Too much like patent leather and I don't like that. My Mom was a mother of the 50-60's and I saw enough shiny black purses and shoes to last a lifetime. Mom was like June Cleaver. I'd come home for lunch and she'd have that pleated shirt on and black shiny high heels. So the look to me always says 1969. LOL That's just my own personal hangup.
  3. I like shiny leather but not too shiny like the Melie Bianco ones. I got one and it's nice for a while but I get tired of it after a while. A more subtle shine is better IMO like dusted suede.
  4. I had one with shiny leather, and the shine wore off bit by bit where my arm would normally rub against the bag. Never again.
  5. ALL SHINE, ALL THE TIME. Love fact, I think the "blast from the past" aspect makes me love it even more. There were days before my time when women were so well put together compared to what is considered "acceptable" dress today. I sort of long to be from that era, sometimes. Then I realize that all the fabulously funky cool stuff that I love NOW would not be there. But back to topic, I buy more shiny than anything, the shinier the better!