DO you like Python silverado?!

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  1. i recently purchase a python silverado, and now it's been shipped....
    once i receive it, i will post some picture. :yahoo:

    here's my question, if you are a python silverado owner now, can you tell me how often do you carried this bag?do you still like it? and how do you threat this bag? i know it should avoid wet, anything else?
    if you are not a owner, can you tell me your opinion about this bag? do you like it?

    i am so excited since i order it.....;) and i cant wait to receive it!!!

    oh by the way, my bag is in dark brown, i think people here call it cognac:love:
  2. oooh thats a nice colour!i have the silverado in red but just plain leather, i love the design! i dont know how well snakeskin holds up, but im thinking it should be pretty durable, its amazingly soft! im sure u will enjoy it:wlae:
  3. Lovely colour, but it's not something i'd go for myself.

    I have heard that python can be quite delicate and it needs a little bit of special care - no going out in the pouring rain (as you know) special cream etc. I think that is what puts me off - i personally like a bag that's not too high maintenance.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy carrying silverado, because she's certainly 'something else'! Looking forward to seeing pics!
    :yes: :smile:
  4. I have a silverado tote and I love the python. Especially in the cognac. It is absolutely velvetty (unlike what I had previously imagined), not to mention, STUNNING. The only reason why I still don't have one is that for some reason, it kind of freaks me out. Not sure why, but it just does. Congrats!! They are beautiful! Please post pics when she comes in!
  5. I love it- wish I had one!!!!
  6. :P thanks for the input.
  7. OMG, Pheobe! That is a gorgeous bag!!! You are soo lucky to find one. It looks like an original release bag because it doesn't have the Chloe heat stamp on the front snap piece.


    Delicate or not, you are going to love that bag!!! I wish I had one :angel:
  8. The MOST AMAZING Chloe bags are the python! You can't go wrong with Python in any style Chloe! They are tougher than some people say when it comes to durability ----- Congratulations!!
    Just don't get it wet ......... other than that do nothing to it ..... except carry it OFTEN!!
  9. Congrats :yahoo:
    I've got the same one as you and I love it so much!!!!
    They are very durable, just do not get it wet. Enjoy your new bag :wlae:
  10. thanks just make me love it more...
    i was so worried about i gonna ruin the bag.
    so now, i know this is not a everyday bag, and dont get it wet....:yes:
    thanks for tips~~~:idea:

    hi hmwe..
    i dont know is this first release's my tag. it show 04H
    but i dont understand whats H means.

    anyone knows?:rolleyes:
  11. Gosh, I am not sure either.

    I thought there were a few threads on this-- I'll see what I can dig up!
  12. i love that python bag, i think it's a really versatile colour. i've always liked the Chloe python silverados, but unfortunately we can't really get them here in Australia and we can't order it in either because of the python restrictions here
  13. phoebe congrats!!!!!! :yahoo: I love python silverados, I think they are one of the prettiest bags I've seen. :love: If I had the chance to buy one I would definitely get it! :yes:
  14. It is gorgeous. I'd love a python bag and Chloe makes beautiful ones.
  15. cant wait to see her....haha:rolleyes:

    but now....i think i am officially into a purse ban.....:s :Push: :hysteric:

    thanks for the opinion.....:love: