do you like puppies and kittens better than children?

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  1. I don't dislike children. And babies are cute when they get to that age when they make eye contact and laugh. But when I see a puppy or kitten, I just have to pay attention.
    The other day I saw my neighbor in front of her house with a new little dog. I had to go over and see it. I realized after the encounter that I hadn't paid any attention to her kids. I'm sure the kids could care less but maybe the mom thought I was a bit odd.

    Guess maybe I'm one of those people who likes animals better than people.
    I know there are at least a couple more like me on this subforum.
  2. In general, I am also more drawn to pets. Pets are great as they bring the mood up and almost always bring people together (except those with allergies).

    I do not have children nor do I want any. I just don't have that connection with them.
  3. I don't like kids and have never had any interest in having one. I have to make a conscience effort to pay attention to people's kids when there are pets around. lol I am a house appraiser so I am in different homes every day. Usually the babies will see me and cry while the "mean cats" are twirling around my legs for petting and the "shy dogs" are bringing me their toys. Not everyone was meant to have children in their lives and there is nothing wrong with that. For me pets are a million time better than kids.
  4. Oh my, I am glad I am not alone. Most women have no understanding of how another woman is not enamoured of children, but crazy for fur children. I also never had an affinity for human babies, but am mad for kitties and puppies. I want to kiss them and hug them all day. I guess my maternal instincts are all for fur babies!
  5. I have kids and still melt way more over puppies and kittens. I can't say I've ever melted over anyone else's baby. I've can easily pass up a baby but have a hard time not running over to kittens and puppies. Pretty much the older I get the more I appreciate animals and the more I think humans are pains in the rump.
  6. I know....I approach strangers all the time and ask if I can say hello to their dogs. and I'm a cat person. you don't see that many cats out and about like dogs.
  7. I loveeee cats. My cat of 12 years passed away recently and that was so devastating, I would put him in maybe my list of top 5 people/animals I love the most. I'm 28 years old and have said I didn't want children since I was a teenager. Don't think those feelings are going to change. I can imagine a home with lots of kittens/cats but the thought of raising children isn't for me at all. I'm training to be a psychologist and I see some difficult behaviors kids exhibit that come in. Reaffirmed my lack of interest in having children. Some are adorable but I have them for an hour and give them back to their parents, I find play incredibly mentally exhausting and found speaking to people who experienced profound trauma and crisis to be easier to work with.
  8. I always remember Oprah saying no one ever loved her like her dog Sophie (cocker spaniel who I believe passed away a few years ago)
    Cats can be loving too. Just not quite as trainable. :smile:
  9. I've been watching My Cat from Hell on netflix, it's fascinating how much you can do to modify some problematic behaviors! Though you're right, they tend not to do tricks as much ;)
  10. I feel the same way as everyone else has voiced.

    SdKitty - cats are trainable, just takes more patience. My three boys 'sit' on command, give 'kisses' on command. If I say 'no' they stop whatever it is they are doing and when I tell them to 'get down' they do. I also trained them to come when I click my fingers for situations where its not appropriate to yell or call them. They know to go to the pantry when I say 'bickies' and to go to the laundry when I say 'come on', which means dinner's up. LOL But it has been challenging to get them to 'stay', either its too difficult or they just think what for...:smile:
  11. I like cats. I don't really care for kids that much.
  12. I'm 26, never wanted kids but had one anyway. Lol. I love my dd but am not so in love with other kids. I definitely prefer pets to most people! I love seeing my baby and my dog interact, it really is the cutest thing.
  13. that guy Jackson is great with the kitties
  14. mine know when it's meal time and when it's time to come in for dinner
    they are trained to seep until we get up, including sleeping later on weekends.....this has evolved with age. The young kitties are more prone in my experience to be active at night and to wake you up in the morning.
    Your cats sound impressive....are they purebreds or just regular smart well-training kitties
  15. Oye so this is a serious question? Hmm. I'm actually drawn to both but that's just me.