Do you like pink gold?

  1. I currently have a fascination with pink gold. As much as I love platinum and white gold, the color looks a bit cold on my skin tone so I have very few of this color. On the other hand, yellow gold looks too norma,l but definitely looks better on my skin.

    Recently, I got a Cartier pink gold bracelet and ring and I really like how the color fits me. Definitely a good alternative to yellow gold.

    Do you also like pink gold? For the professional jewelers, what is mixed with the gold to make it look pinkish?

  2. love it i love it ither pure (watch bangle bracelets) or in combination with wothe or pink or brown diamonds, brown tahiti pearls ,black jet stone,white opal
    it has a very special glow to it and is just special:love: love my pieces in it
    ah and i believe it is copper that gives it the pinkish glow :flowers:
  3. Yep, Copper is alloyed with gold to give it a pinkish look. Changing the amount of alloys deepens the color.
  4. I love rose gold. It's my favorite.

    I wish I came across it more often.
  5. not me so much! ;)
  6. I like pink gold. It's nice to have something different once in a while.
  7. I guess the only downside is that it's not so easy to find lots of pink gold.

    By the way, is it more or less the same price as yellow gold? I know that white gold is more expensive than yellow gold.

    Lilach - Can we drool on some of your pink gold pieces? I also never thought of combining it with brown stones.

    The Cartier ring that I bought is the thick Love for my middle finger and it has a tiny pink sapphire in the middle ... I find it really adorable!:love: The bracelet is Spartacus with a Love charm also. I guess I can start collecting Cartier's pink gold charms.
  8. ^ Oh yes..very much so. :smile:
  9. Yellow, Pink and White gold are all worth the same amount, sometimes stores charge more for an item in white gold to make it seem more unusual. That was a big gimmick in the 90's. Sometimes I charge more because I have to make it or it has more expensive findings (clasps, bail).
  10. That's good to know. Thanks so much Japster!
  11. I have to admit that I haven't tried any on ever. It is very pretty, but hard to find in nice designs. I'll definitely keep a look out.
  12. I love pink/rose gold. Most of my rose gold is from overseas. My mom usually buys it for me in bangles or ring bands, etc. The color is so much richer than regular gold, IMO. The attached bangles are rose gold. :love:
  13. I LOVE rose gold!
  14. I got a Jabel floral wedding band in the green,yellow and rose gold that is so pretty.....also the Cartier rolling ring.
  15. I love rose gold, too! My fall line of gold earrings will feature several in rose gold. I'll be posting pics on my website (under construction) soon.