Do you like people to copy your style????

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  1. I have a friend who persistently copies everything I wear , down to my hair colour !!!!It's sooooo annoying . If I mention we look like twins she loves it weird or what???
  2. it would annoy the hell out of me. Why don't you talk to her about it?
  3. I have a friend who does this and yes it drives me nuts!!
  4. I do try but its difficult as she seems to see it as a compliment that we match . I now dread seeing her. I have stopped going shopping with her as if I whatever I am wearing that day she finds something similar !! By the way we are women in our 40's !!!
  5. Why do people always think it should be viewed as a compliment???!!! I think it shows lack of thought on her part and a royal PIA!
  6. I think that she probably really admires you and your style - they say that imitation is the sincerest kind of flattery, but I personally find it extremely annoying when people do this and copy me. I also hate it when I see people wearing the same clothes as me - it's embarassing!
  7. It just makes me soo mad , although I do try and keep calm and put it in perspective.The weird thing is she seems to want to copy EVERTHING . I draw the line when she has her hair dyed my colour ( mine is natural). Beginning to think it's just easier to ditch the friendship .
  8. Maybe you should avoid shopping trips with her and not see her for a while, it's horrible to end a friendship but I do empathise
  9. Okay, so, it's flattering... But it would still drive me crazy!

    I know a girl in my class who does the same thing - it depends on who she's friends with at the moment, but she'll completely copy that person. She did it badly though - whilst one of the girls just appeared in grey cotton sweatpants and queenie heels and a big baggy sweater borrowed from her boyfriend, it would look kinda cute, because that was just her style! But the copycat would try to get the same look by wearing blue sportpants, wedges and a sweater that was not big enough to be borrowed from a potential boyfriend, nor small enough to be properly fitted. She made a complete fool of herself.

    I think it's a compliment when someone buys the same earrings after complimenting you on it or something like that, but complete copying is just psycho.
  10. That's what my husband says . Scary or what ??? I wouldn't mind if it was just one or two things I would get over that but this is no joke.
  11. It ticks me off when people do that. Developing style by experimenting is ok but blatant copying icks me :tdown:
  12. It doesnt bother me as such when someone copies my style what bothers me the most is when they wont acknowledge that theyve taken the idea or style from me!!

  13. My thoughts exactly!
  14. True :yes:

    It would bother me if it was a close friend who did it constantly, because we'd be seen together in matching outfits. But if it was an acquaintance I'd get a kick out of it. I think it's flattering...
  15. I find this extremely irritating! But in a way, I feel sorry for the copier because I think it is a revealing insight into personality - insecurity and self esteem issues. Anyone who really knows can distinguish someone with genuine style from a trend follower.