Do you like or dislike these two RM MAM's? **POLL**


Your opinions on the Purple MAM and the Green MAM

  1. I love the Purple MAM & the Green MAM

  2. I only like the Purple MAM

  3. I only like the Green MAM

  4. I dont like either the Green or the Purple MAM

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  1. Hi! I would like to get your guys' opinions on these two Morning After Mini bags by Rebecca Minkoff.

    One is what I will call a stonewashed purple. It is not "dark" purple like the violet color that came out this season. It is pebbled, thick, smooshy, and the best way I can describe the color is likening it to a pair of beloved stonewashed blue jeans whose color has been muted. However, it is not light purple at all either. Really, its somewhere in between.

    The other bag is Emerald green. The color is a very deep green (reminds me of cats eyes) and the leather is smooth, glossy, and almost "slick" (Very much like the RM Dark Gray color)

    My question to you guys is, do you like these bags? Do you like the muted purple color? The Emerald green? Would you rather have the leather described on the first bag or the leather described on the second bag?

    Please take a sec to complete my poll. =)

    Thank you very much in advance! =D


  2. I love both! But I do love the purple one a little more.

    IMO, the purple one feels more casual - for weekends and work fridays, and the green one I'll carry to work to portray professional and "I'm actually clever and not childish" image, LOL! .

    Are both bags part of your current collection?
  3. I posted and I didn't even address your question. :confused1:??!!?
    Ok, I prefer the soft leather of the purple bag.
  4. I like both but I prefer the purple and I like the sound of the leather on that bag too.
  5. I love the purple one.The leather looks soo soft.The green one...well,never really liked green bags so its a no..
  6. I am biased. But honestly... I vote for the green, because its leather is smooshy yet at the same time more resilient. And I really really love the gold hardware against the green. :biggrin:
  7. I vote for the purple!!
  8. I like the sound of the purple's leather better...but I prefer the green color. Sorry, guess that doesn't really give a decision does it? I like the green. :p
  9. I can't help it..I love em both. I think the purple one would sway me not because of the leather because I just love love love the color. I honestly think both leathers are tdf and so are both colors...but I like the purple color a bit more and usually I am not into gold hardware but it looks spectacular with the purple color.
  10. Oh, that purple sounds like heaven -- both in color and in leather. :drool:
  11. I voted that I really like them both. I would carry both the bags and like the contrasting style of both of the leathers. Nice to have variety right?

    If I had to choose one, I would choose the green. I think it's a little more striking than the purple and really stands out. Plus that shiny yet soft leather is TDF!
  12. both are beautiful, but I'd go for the purple, cause it's just my favorite color.
  13. I like them both, but I voted for the green. I think the color and sheen of the leather is striking. Put side by side like that, the green really stands out for me - and I usually am not a fan of green bags. Maybe it's just the pictures, but there are so many beautiful colors of RM bags that I like more.
  14. I adore both colors! I believe the green is quite understated but very classy. I think the newer evergreen color was too deep. This particular color can carry you through many fall seasons. These bags were always sold out quickly.
    The purple is beautiful. that I see the violet can easily replace this purple. Which do you prefer?:hrmm:
  15. I LOVE THE PURPLE! I am a huge fan of the stonewash leather (i have a stonewash blue and a dark gray, I prefer stonewash blue). I love purple bags , but the voilet is too dark for me. This one is awesome!

    PM me if you have any idea where I could get a stonewash purple!!!!!!!!!!!

    I say go with purple!