Do you Like 'Obsession' perfume? ...

  1. If so what else do you like? I love the smell of obsession but my husband's grandma wears it so... I would like something else.

    Any thoughts?
    THANKS =)
  2. i liked obsession's more vanilla-y than the original. that might be an option.
  3. I love obsession! I wear it sometimes, and sometimes I wear Code for Women by Armani. I think the scents are similar...not exactly alike, but they're both what they call "Oriental" fragrances...I like Code VERY much!
  4. I wore it to death when it first came out in the 80' it doesn't smell so good to me anymore.

  5. I go back to it every few years, a small bottle only! For scents that may appeal to Obsession fans...Amarige, Angel, Opium, new Gucci by Gucci. Do they make an Obsession Lite???????
  6. they used to make sheer obsession which was a little less heavy and a teensy bit more citrusy/white musky than the orginal. maybe you could still find some at like TJ maxx or eBay or something.
  7. my mom wears obsession. i like obsession night. when she bought a gift set of her obession we got a little bottle of the obession night that i wear sometimes. my mom wears obsession or maybe you could try that?
  8. try Tom ford...Estee lauder, Amber Nude by Tom ford.
    LOVE it!! Its heavy like Obsession....I get showered in compliments when I wear it! Also try Pheremones...(old but good) It also another heavy scent. Gucci by Gucci is great...LOVE it too....I wear all of these at night. Another good one..Calvin Klein Euphora...
  9. Not Obsession, but I like Obsession Night.
  10. I used to wear it all of the time - then my husband got some...
    Anyhow now I wear Amarige (Givenchy) I LOVE IT!
  11. I like obsession and used to wear it.
  12. Hmmm - thanks all - these are some great ideas. I'm going to go get some samples of Obession Night, Code and Amber Nude (of I can find tat last one =)
  13. Not on Obsession but Obsession Night perfume. Love it!
  14. this sounds weird but in H.S i used to wear the men's obsession, everyday:smile:
    you just brought back memories:girlsigh:
  15. I love it, reminds me of my mom. She wears it all the time. I used to have a watch she gave me when I was little that she used to wear. And the back of the watch smelled like her (the perfume) so whenever I missed her I'd smell it. But one time I went swimming when I was little, and took off her watch. When I returned, someone took it already. :crybaby: