Do you like new line Paris Biarritz?

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    I'm thinking about getting the smaller one in silver cream. It's look nice with spring/summer color clothing & maybe great for toting around town/vacation especially with little kids.
  3. I like the totes in this Ligne. I have the black tote and love the look and the fact that it is lighter weight due to the canvas instead of leather.
  4. Yes, I do!
    But I don't like the outside pockets as shown on the black and white.
  5. I don't like reminds me of the Marc Jacobs bags I don't like. I wouldn't pay for it.
  6. I love the silver/cream bag and also the gold! I think they are much more beautiful that the black Paris B.

    Having said that, I bought the black for myself, because it is very practical and I intend to carry it with work supplies all year. It is fabulous for carrying a bunch of things. Roomy, lightweight and stands on its own.

    I don't think you will be sorry if you get one. I love mine.
  7. I'm not sure yet. I like some of the pics but will reserve judgement until I can see it IRL.
  8. judging from pics, i only like the gold/bronze ones. i think they would be great for summer travel.
  9. i dont like them. they dont do anything for me, esp. the material they're made of.
  10. That is the problem with those bags! I would rather spend the money on a leather bag.....the totes are cute though!
  11. Thank you for your inputs. From the models carry these bags, I think it look fabulous. I have not seen these bags IRL yet. But from what everyone said they're leather & canvas. Is the quilting leather or canvas? I like the first one on the model which is the light silver with cream. The price is $995 something.
  12. *jennifer*, I'm looking at these bags are for summer travel or just traveling.
  13. i think it's a cute seasonal bag, as stated; for summer or travel -but personally, as an everyday bag... i don't think i'd spend that much -i'd rather put it toward something more classic or substantial

    either way, good luck!
  14. It's okay as a summer tote,but not my favorite look!
  15. Like the silver cream better than the black.