Do you like my Textile majorwork?

  1. its clocked past 12:00PM and that means the textile majorwork (for the NSW HSC) time limit is offically over! I can share my pics with the public now YAY :yahoo:. I need to study for a math test tomorrow so ill quickly post a pic, tomorrow i can post more details. I am so sick of this dam project!!!! I've spent almost a year on it and its sight repulses me now lol. If it were any other instance i would probably love it, i guess its like wearing the same thing everyday it just become yuck after a while. I have an art majorwork and and english one due in the next 2 weeks (AHHH so behind!) after the deadline I will post them too.
    It is suposse to be a costume for Liz Hurley in Bedazzled, i.e. a modern form of the devil. It is a reversible corset (croc vinyl, unfortunately no pics of that side) and this flame style. I made a silk corset with embroidery and beading on the bottom (hard to see) with a godet that falls to the floor, the godet is embroidered and beaded with a devil tail and flame shapes. the hat (GF helped me by making the wool cap) and I did the rest, it has wore flame shape that are coated in satin ribbon and beaded. Im hoping this get into the top of the state exhibition, because it will sooo help me in getting into design college. thanx for looking, will post bigger pic later

  2. It looks gorgeous to me! The corset part would be so difficult, I'd think. I love the black against the scarlet red. You're really talented! A larger pic will help us see the details that made this such a big project.

    Who is your model? Your GF? she's very pretty.

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you so much lol No im single as can be lol, i can only ever commit to one thing fashion. By GF, i ment Grand Fonds, (didn't realize it was also girlfriend duh! lol) shes a professional milliner she is really lovely. the model is a friend of mine, she is quite tiny in reality, i think she is 5' 1 or so i attempted to make her look taller lol. the corset didn't actually fit her its all pinned from behind lol.
  4. Gorgeous! :yes: More closeups please! I'm in awe of your talent and skill!
  5. Wow! So sexy! When I saw I totally imagined a modern day Lilith. I have taken lots of art classes and I always get so sick of my art. Other people certainly appreciate it though.
  6. i :heart: the color on the outfit!! i've always been in love with designing and making clothes but my genetic makeup lacks a creative DNA so i'm left to look at nice clothes and buy them:p good luck with state competition!!
  7. wow. very creative! I'd love to see close ups of the embroidery. you're very talented.
  8. Wow, utterly gorgeous.
  9. OOh! The dress has great lines! I wanna see a closeup of the embroidery and beading!
  10. Wow! She looks devilish but elegant, I love it. Could you please post some close-up photos when you get the chance? I would really like to see every piece up close :cutesy:
  11. That looks gorgeous! You are very talented.
  12. I'd love more pics I thinks it's gorgeous I'd totally wear it!
  13. Wow, that's really pretty and elegant! You are so talented, I could never think up of something like that.
  14. very impressive! love the outift! :smile:
  15. Awesome! Classy with an edge. I'd love to see some closeups when you find the time.