Do you like my new dior eyeglasses?

  1. They are model CD 3051 in dark blue. They are really cool! i love them what do you think?:lol:
  2. They look really nice on you, fits perfectly....I especially like the color.
  3. It looks fab on you!
  4. looks good on you .. ;)
  5. lovely
  6. Looks great on you! :biggrin:
  7. woooooooooooooow .... fabulous
  8. very cute! You look great!
  9. Those are perfect for you!!! I love them!
  10. awww, I LOVE them!

    They're perrrfect for your face. :smile:
  11. They look really great on you! Congrats!
  12. perfect shape and size for your face! it's hard to tell the color from the pic, but the blue sounds lovely.
  13. YES! Harv I havent seen you on here in a long time. You still hanging in w/us girls? :smile: We need some guys besides Vlad around here.
  14. Love it! I heart square(ish) rims.
  15. You should be a model. hehe The glasses look fab.