Do you like my new crystal ring from cruise 07?

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Do you like this ring??

  1. Yea, keep it, love the PINK!!!

  2. Black would be better, EXCHANGE PLZ!

  3. Neither!!

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  1. Ok, so I walked into the chanel boutique today trying to get some info regarding the spring handbags, SA doesn't have much info yet since they haven't even got their lookbook and catelog...

    BUT SA said the ring I have been waiting for over 2 months is here (I totally forgot about it)....

    $195 pink ring with crystal, price is not bad for a chanel. It is also quite comfortable to be worn.

    How do you like it? I have been debating between pink or black (well, their store didn't get black but I think she said some other stores will get it in black and if I want it she can get it for me).

    I think with black the crystals will really bling, but maybe too bling-y disco like. The pink one seems very sweet and goes well with my skin tone I think....and I also think it is always easier to find a black chanel ring that I like. But pink is more...rare??

    Should I keep the pink? Or exchange for black? Or get none?
    DSC01802.JPG DSC01807.JPG DSC01812.JPG
  2. aww! that is an adorable ring! congrats! i would keep the pink! it will match the bags in your wishlist when you get them!

    what is the ring made of?
  3. thanks! actually i think the pink ring will go well with a bunch of thing in my wardrobe! PERFECT for summer too uh?
  4. love it -- very cute!
  5. blushing baby and lisasbags, you didn't vote!!
  6. I looove it. You need the pink cuff to go with it:smile:
  7. The ring is beautiful but I know you want a pink bag really bad...To be honest I think you should use the ring $$$ and put it to one of those beautiful bags you want...I think 195.00 for the ring is alot (its so little) plus it looks like it would break easy & scratch easy.....But if You really Love the ring then keep it and enjoy it:heart:

  8. i think the cuff is like $800 something....that's too much!
  9. I am not sure if it will break easily, I doubt it since it is, well, plastic; it might get scratches, but even my cartier 18K gold ring ended up with a bunch of scratches, that's inevitable for rings.....I do think the crystals are bigger hence they should not fell off easily like the small ones used on the CC earrings.

    But you are right about saving for handbag....maybe I should, but chanel custom jewelries are also very tempting....
  10. But you are right about saving for handbag....maybe I should, but chanel custom jewelries are also very tempting

    I KNOW..VERY TEMPTING...But when a gold ring gets scratches a jeweler can BUFF it out..You can't buff out plastic..LOL
    I just think rings take a beating since we always use our hands..I rather invest in a chanel necklace,,KWIM???
    I think in your heart you know what you want to do...I'm sure whatever you decide you will be happy..
    THINK PINK BAG:smile: :heart:
  11. hehe ...voted now!

    the more and more i look at your ring..the more and more i love it! i may have to go to my local boutique and do some enquiring! heheeh
  12. I saw the black in a barret for hair that I'm not too impress. The pink is much better.
  13. Earlier this week I ordered the large cuff from this collection in black. I can't wait to get it.

    The ring is pretty in pink.
  14. I think the pink is fantastic on you!! So pretty!

    Also, I saw some black pieces at the Boutique the other day, and although they were beautiful, I think the pink is a bit more special and unique.
  15. Ooohh.. I love that.. Def the Pink