Do you like my new chloe?

  1. So I absolutely died when I saw all the chloes on sale at my Nordies. I brought this little Betty of a gem home with me for a whopping $900 marked down from $1,550. I could not resist, especially since it has all of the old hardware on it vs. the new Betty's that don't. I swear, I love the patent on this Betty, its sooooo cool -- distressed and all :smile: Love her to pieces.
    chloe1 copy.jpg chloe2 copy.jpg
  2. :drool: I love the bettys with the old hardware!!! Congrats on the great score:tup:
  3. Great bag - congrats!!
  4. Wow! What a great find! I love the first season Betty's with the old style hardware :heart:

  5. congrats!
  6. pretty! congrats!
  7. GORGE! I love the patent!
  8. I think the Betty is so rocker chic. It lays very flattering on the female form. And patent is easy to take care of! Congrats!
  9. wow what a great deal! congratulations!!:okay:
  10. I really like patent leather, congrats on this great find. =)
  11. That's TDF!!!!! Congrats!
  12. Love the betty! Congrats!
  13. Love it! Enjoy your new Chloe'!
  14. It's cute!
  15. Wow, that's an awesome deal! I love the old hardware too!