Do you like my bag?

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  1. Its real I promise.
  2. Haven't you posted this before??
  3. What model is it? i ve never seen it before

    i like ur jeans ,are they J lindeberg?
  4. not me. I think someone did, but that def was not me! Im the real Ronny and my friends told me about this site today!
  5. Dior jeans... I like Jberg threads, however, they would have clashed with this outfit.
  6. Never seen that model before. cute:s. Like the Bape shoes though.
  7. that's the same bag and it is obviously on the same chair, but I totally didn't post that! I guess one of my friends felt it needed to be seen! kudos.
  8. hmmmmm.....
  9. Odd, pic was taking in the same place different angle

    [​IMG] A Miroir prototype bag...
    So my friend who's currently going out with Marc Jacobs got this bag from him, he told me that it was a prototype bag that costs around 19,000 should see it in the's orgasmic! [​IMG]

    and you're not the sam person...
  10. and both poster are age 21..
  11. Strange...........
  12. Ronny!

    Do you remember me? We just talked yesterday! Coffee in NYC soon?Remember? Haha, we were planning to shoot together for Marc Jacobs? Haha, if you can establish these things, I can confirm your authenticity.

    Sophia C.

  13. lol
  14. You know what I find weird about this bag? It has a cut off LV right smack dab in the middle of it! Yes, there are a few models of bags with cut off LVs, but they're never right in the center of the bag on a pocket flap...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.