Do you like MJ quilted bags or non quilted (plain) ones?

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  1. Do you like MJ quilted bags or non quilted (plain) ones?

    Like do you like the quilted pattern or the plain- smooth leather/ non quilt pattern ones?

    I like the quilted ones better. it's just so much more luxuries to me.
  2. I like the quilted because they do seem more luxurious; however the soft calf styles are truly timeless.
  3. I like the smooth leather bags better (overall).
  4. My vote is for quilted - love the texture
  5. I like an expensive bag to have levels of style and detail or I can go with great colors. I like some quilted but not too many or it gets boring to me personally. I am changing my bag every three or four days depending on my mood and I like the variety...mags.
  6. Wow, it's really hard to choose but I think I will have to go with the non quilted soft calf leather. They are the classic and most of my MJ bags happened to be non quilted :P. I love my putty stam and my blush patent quilted elise though. They do look very luxurious :love::love:.
  7. I must admit I love the quilted bags. They really stand out especially with the gold hardware:heart::heart::heart:
  8. I love the quilted bags!!!! They're absolutely gorgeous!!!
  9. i like both, just on different bag. I like the quilted stam and a few others, but mostly i like the non-quilted much better!

    it def. depends on the bag and the color tho!!
  10. My vote is for quilted (but non-quilteds are beautiful also!)
  11. Definitely quilted.
    It's what drew me to MJ bags in the first place. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of non-quilted MJ bags that I actually love.
  12. quilted!!
  13. I have one of each - I love both! The soft calf leather of the nonquilted bags is just extraordinary, but I like the detail of the quilted leather.
  14. quilted is so pretty!
  15. I prefer the quilted bags but also love the soft calf.