Do you like mixing your lv (or other exps designers items) with cheap bargains? *pic*

  1. I went to a flea market not so long ago (yes I lovvvee going to flea markets you'd never know what you're going to find!!!) And I found these amazing printed scarves that I thought would go really well with my speedy ebene!! I know lv does really beautiful scarves as well.... but look what I found at a flea market!!

    Can you believe I got this for $4 AUD!!!

  2. The colours compliment each other nicely - very nice find!
  3. Beautiful colors... good deal! Totally drooling over your mini lin speedy though!!!
  4. i think its unique, I dont like when its all designers from top to toe
  5. yep...


  6. I love finding bargains.. anywhere!!!
  7. Looks very nice together!!! :tup:
  8. Your scarf looks great!

    I'll mix if I find something I love. Right now, I'm using a Liz Claiborne wallet that I absolutely love and I got it at Marshall's for $9.99 (US)!

  9. omg i love going to flea markets and garage sales more than anything!! especially in my neighborhood, old granmas put out their authentic vintage lv's for pennies (=
  10. I guess I do the same thing. I have a Coach bag charm hanging off my Neverfull PM and a Dooney cosmetic bag inside.

    Edited to add: I got both the Dooney bag and the Coach charm quite cheaply, btw. I found the Dooney at TJ Maxx for $30 and the Coach charm at a Macy's 50% off sale.
  11. i like it! good find.
  12. Totally, thrift stores is where I get a lot of my clothes and accessories from, I do make sure there are no moth eggs and disgusting bits before I buy.
    It's the look I go for, and you simply can't but 60s-80s patterns and clothes in the shops. And thankfully in the UK there are many of charity shops with amazing clothes, bags and shoes.
    And many people worry about germs and such, but germs can't travel through clothes when they've been hanging up for a few days, they aren't warm enough for them to survive. You could sneeze in a shoe and pass that shoe onto someone else and it would cause no harm at all.
    I see vintage Dior and I've seen a few Vuittons in the charity shops before.
  13. It's not a Speedy, but here you are my Lockit dressed up with an Almaplena charm (10 euros)!!
  14. of course! if it were all lv all the time, i might actually get bored! plus, it can get scary carrying a thousand dollars or more of merch on me if you aren't in the right part of town, kwim!?
  15. Yep, I do it all the time!!