Do you like MARY FRANCES bags?

  1. I have seen some lately and not sure how I feel about them! some I think are cute but I almost feel like they are to busy! What do you all think?:shrugs:
  2. The only time I saw this line was on some shopping channel (ShopNBC?) and frankly, the ones they had were butt ugly. Kind of like the handbag equivalent of QVC's Quacker Factory clothes. But that's all IMHO, of course.
  3. Don't like them at all, yuck
  4. i think some of them are magical and fun!
  5. I own 2 Mary Frances bags. They are works of art but not too practical. I bought them 3 years ago and have not carried them out even once!
  6. Oh dear. Those are even busy for me! Of course I'd end up liking at least one though. =P
  7. I really like the Blockbuster. Very cute & the price is not bad:smile:
  8. I certainly do not mind "busy," and even like it depending on how well it's been executed. You can have the fanciest bag, and I'll go for it if it is well done. However, the bags that I've seen from her (which were about 40-50 of them) were all on ShopNBC, so I haven't seen the others. However, judging from those, most of them are disgustingly ugly for the most part, often looking like a chaotic madness of beads, prints, and randomly cut-up fabric or florals or whatnot. However, a few are decent, but not pretty enough to buy.
  9. Some of them remind me a lot of bea valdes bags.
  10. From the ones I've seen on TV and in person, they don't seem to be very practical for carrying, more like a collector's item. Looks like a lot of work goes into making them, aren't they hand made? They are busy though.
  11. I was thinking the same thing re bea valdes
  12. Some of them are unbalanced, but I have been craving this one (Urban Nature) or this one (Conquest)since I saw them on a trip to Vegas a couple of months ago.

    Busy, yes, but not to much for an occasional night out. Of course, most of my clothes are conservative, tailored or retro-victorian, so accessories are the place where I tend to play around a bit.
    09-086-conquest.jpg Conquest back.jpg 09-087-urban-nature.jpg Urban Nature back.jpg
  13. i never seen this brand before.
  14. I know someone who often carries one with a plain dress or other monochromatic outfit, so that the bag is the focus of the outfit. It looks great on her.

    IMO it all depends on your personal style.
  15. Sorry, but ick to me!