DO you like Martinis

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  1. try these


    The Flirtini!

    Shop-a-holic martini
    i need one of these :idea:

    "Chocolatini" Martini Glass

    They have 8 different one , Cute
  2. Cute glasses, but I'm not a drinker! Unless it's Cabernet!
  3. No alcohol for me. Yuckers!!
  4. Well, I LOVE alcohol. So, those are nice little ideas. ;) I'm a fan of the appletini myself. I'd be up for trying the shopaholic one, looks delicious.

    I usually don't go for Martini's though, I'm extremely accident proned ( and those glasses are easy to spill out of!)- once I had my boyfriend order me a melontini while out to dinner, and I managed to knock over the glass with my hand, and spilled all over the table. :sad: the people on the table over from us were dying of laughter. I laughed too, it was pretty funny.
  5. i'd give anything new a go! hehehe! i guess when i got on my contiki, i'll try a martini!
  6. I am with you there Dani... I love alcohol too, and yes I do have a drinking probloum ... i spilll them all over the place as well hehe:shame:
  7. Dirty Martini for me please!

  8. i'm a fan of alcohol in small quantities because, sadly, it makes me sleepy...i'm SO the life of the party.

    i like most any drink made with tonics are number 1, though, then vodka with cranberry juice, then martinis :biggrin:
  9. it's the damn glasses!

    I prefer margerita glasses, so much easier. :-P

    ;) and there's nothing wrong with a tiiiiiiiiny drinking problem.
  10. Oh those look delicious and fattening!!! - I try to stick to vino with an occassional: cosmo, margarita, daiquri, bloody mary, mohito (just for variety).
  11. The shopaholic sounds right up my alley...
  12. Me too!
  13. Girl, get yourself a ticket to California. I'm gonna mix you some Redbull-Vodka! You won't sleepy and we'll dance all night. :nuts:
  14. lol i've never tried anything with red bull, no jaeger bombs or anything (which probably is reason enough to run my out of my college town), but now you've got me thinking - maybe that would solve my problem! lol it's friday...might as well give it a shot tonight!
  15. it might sound redneckish....but I'm a beer girl ;)