Do you like LV hand-held or shoulder bags better?

  1. I'm normally a small/medium shoulder bag girl...I think I purchased my first handheld bag (non-LV :p) when I was in grade 11...(two years ago).

    Looking at my LV collection though, all my larger bags except one (Coussin GM, my first monogram) are hand-held (pochettes are all shoulder of coursE) and my top favs are also hand-held (Segur PM and Papillon 26).

    I think it's because for many hand held bags, you can carry it on the crook of your arm and it's such a classy way to carry it. For many shoulder bags it seems more laid-back, casual, etc (except for the Suhali bags...which are classy hand-held OR carried on the shoulder!).

    What about you? Do you prefer shoulder or hand-held LV bags?
  2. i :heart: hand-held lv bags. i agree, it looks so classy carried this way! it may be a pain not to have both hands free but fashion comes at a price and i'm happy to pay it lol :p
  3. ^^^ :yes::yes::yes:
  4. shoulder
  5. I have a 3 year old, so it's shoulder bags all the way for me. I do like the look of a hand held bag, but it's just not practical for me.
  6. if it's going to be a pretty stressful day (lots of running arounds and the like), i'd go with my shoulder bags. but on more relaxed days, i prefer my hand-helds. carrying hand-helds on the crook of your arm is just soo girly and classy, totally agree on that!
  7. I prefer hand-held. Even with a 5 month old, I'll find a way to make it work.
  8. Hand held
  9. I love handheld bags if I'm not going to be shopping! I think they look extremely classy held on the crook of your arm too :yes:

    If I'm shopping all day, I prefer a shoulder bag so I can keep my hands free to hold stuff.
  10. About 2 years ago, I only liked shoulder bags cuz they're more comfortable.
    Then I was converted to liking handheld bags lol, and now I'm in between.
  11. I lean more towards hand held as well but every now and then I want a shoulder bag.
  12. I prefer hand-held bags both because I feel more in control when I am gripping the handles of the bag and because I always feel like shoulder straps are sliding off of my shoulders. But I still have shoulder bags and use them frequently.
  13. i'm definitely a shoulder bag kinda girl. but i have a few LV hand helds just because the styles are so great and they don't come in shoulder styles! but for ease of use and being hands free, i'm always searching for some great LV shoulder styles.
  14. Depends on the situation. I have a lot more hand held bags than shoulder bags, but I like both.
  15. I prefer hand held, but I like a nice shoulder bag too!