do you like logo bags or not?? the TRUTH please...

  1. I like logo bags yes, i do.

    i like them all... except some of the Coach logos are ugly and all the Dooney ones are ugly.

    But.. love LV ones.

    ... but sometimes I think Logo bags are tacky.

    what do you think??

    Love it or tacky?
  2. I only have one logoed leather good and that's a Gucci Blondie Continental Wallet. I love the shape of the interlocking Gs! :biggrin:

    On the whole, I don't really like obvious logos. :shrugs:
  3. i'm not really a logo person in general, but i do love my LV mono speedy. i'm starting to wish i'd gone for the epi instead though. sometimes i feel awfully flashy.
  4. I love the LV logo. I think because its not just the initials "LV" it also has flowers and its pretty. :love:

    I don't like other brands' logos (Coach, D&B, Gucci, Fendi, etc).

    Sometimes I feel my LV mono bags are flashy but overall I love them.
  5. I prefer descreet logos or a hallmark rather than obvious logos or like the LV monogram or the Gucci snaffles. for two reasons: they are the most likely to be copied and I don't like to draw attention to myself (I'm a bit strange like that!).
  6. I like logos to a certain extent. If it looks nice on the design of the bag, then I'll definitely get it. I love the Monogram Canvas on the LV, but I know some people really don't like it (I can agree because strangers do stare if they know what your bag is).

    But yes, there are times where I see logoed products which I find pretty tacky (and LV is not excused from this).
  7. I do not like LOGOS - but I like mini chains or something that states what kinda bag it is but all over the bag...
  8. *raises hand* Yes...I love logo bags. My favorite is Coach, Gucci and of course, LV. I know they're not for all people but I think logo bags are youthful and fun.
  9. I like some of them. I actually really like the Coach logo, I think it's nice - it's too bad their bags get dirty so fast. I also like Dior's logo because it's not something you see many people carrying :yes: In fact, I don't think there's any logo I'd specifically rule out - but I do agree that on certain bags it can look tacky.
  10. i dont really like logos. they just seem so obvious. of course, maybe that is the point and i just dont get it! :shrugs:
  11. Most of my bags are LV so I would have to say YES, I do like logos. However, I've been trying to get away from logos lately and have been buying lots on non logo bags (spys, LV epi, etc.).:nuts:
  12. I don't mind a logo--cheap or expensive. I do prefer LV and Dior though for the looks alone.
  13. I'm not a fan of the bag being just a straight bag with logos all over it. Its gotto have something to it. What I mean is, I wont buy a bag just because it has logos on it.
    Its gotto be funky. For example te only logo bags i have are the two LV denim speedys (green and blue). I just love the denim material and the funky koala locks. But i'm not a fan of the Dior girly bucket forexample. To me it looks almost like a regular plain bag with logos all over it- justifying the price. You know what i mean?
  14. I'm a no-logo person. Just my personal pref!
  15. No not really, I have owned some ( LV, Fendi, Dior ) and still own a few but I just hate the fact that there are so many copies out there. And also I think they are a little tacky screaming out a little too loud "watch she wears a designer bag".