do you like kenneth cole?

  1. i found a leather wristlet/clutch at tj maxx for $34.99. it's actually kenneth cole reaction. is it still an OK handbag brand?
  2. KC reaction is the lower end of Kenneth Cole brand. I think for a wristlet/clutch, it will be decent.
  3. I like Kenneth Cole and carried one for about 3 or 4 yrs straight before I finally got rid of it.
  4. ^^^didn't know that. Kenneth Cole is my husband's favorite wallet. He also has a leather jacket from that store. Really nice leather. so the KC reaction would be a slightly lesser division?
  5. I have a black leather wallet that has really nice quality leather and has held up well. I think they have some really stylish stuff, particularly in bags. Unfortunately, everything I have seen from them is made in China.
  6. i have a men's kenneth cole leather messenger bag. the leather is gorgeous and it's held up well, too.
  7. If it's cute, I would get it....
    I would never pay full retail for kenneth cole however cuz the line is available discounted in many stores.
  8. I LOVE my Kenneth Cole Reaction Wallet, I carry it in my Coach.
  9. I bought a Kenneth Cole Reaction tote bag at TJ Maxx and it has held up very well under pressure. :smile:
  10. I have found Kenneth Cole bags to be of very good quality, including his Reaction line. :yes:
  11. I don't have a handbag by KC but I have a coat and I love it..!!
  12. I've only recently discovered the mad joy of TK Maxx. Such fun. I say go for it with KC, I've always found his products pretty good quality and that price seems good. Enjoy.