Do You Like Jessica's Leopard -Accented LV Bag ?

  1. [​IMG]

  2. love it!!

    doesnt really match the jacket she's got on though in that pic!!
  3. I love the leapord!! I wonder where she is ....she looks COLD!!!
  4. Yep! The bag is gorgeous!
  5. Wow, I thought she was Ashlee by the cleft in her chin. I can't tell these two apart anymore.

    That bag is a little busy for my taste.
  6. She's in the UK, lol!!

    it's always cold here!!
  7. I have seen someone carrying it on the street and I like it. The leopard makes it interesting. Better than the monogram stephen me thinks. :smile:
  8. That is my dream bag right now :love: :love:
  9. Looks great on her!!
  10. I think she pulls it off, but I couldn't!
  11. I LOVE it!! :love:

    But I wouldn't wear it with that jacket either, I would wear more solid colors with it, especially black, brown or cream, pink would be so pretty too, but so you show off the bag, and don't look so clashy cluttered, more sophisticated y'know?
  12. :love: I do love the gorgeous :yahoo:
    And looks awesome on her :nuts:
  13. what's the price on that bag?
  14. I don't like leopard print but it looks good on her.
  15. I don't care for it, but it looks good on her.