do you like Jessica Simpson better w/ Nick or John???


Does Jessica look better w/ Nick or John??

  1. With Nick

  2. With John

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  2. No comparison....JOHN! Total genuine hotness and such a talented guy!
  3. i like them both, but guess John by just a tad more
  4. Another thing.....I think in the photos with Nick they're both trying way too hard to look happy. With John they both looked relaxed and naturally happy without trying hard at all. Nick looks like he's worried Jessica might be prettier than he is. LOL!!! Talk about the high maintenance type. I'll take an attractive, albeit grungy (at times) musician any day over a pretty boy. :yes:
  5. She sems more relaxed around John..
  6. My guess is that she's more SATISFIED!!!! LOL!!! :p
  7. Well, IMO, John Doesn't really look thrilled to be with Jess:confused1: , so, I would have to go with Nick.
  8. I love Jess and Nick!!!!! I still can't believe it's over! LOL~ that's one couple I thought would last.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. She seems to be all over him and he is just eh...

    So I prefer her with Nick!
  10. J.M. looks like a freak to me. His face, hair...scares the heck out of me.
  11. Lol^^
  12. Actually, Nick looks like a freak to me; his nose is a bit potatoish for my taste.

    As for who I like Jessica best with, my opinion doesn't matter. Ultimately, she knows who is best for her.
  13. She seems more relax with John.
  14. :yes:
  15. For Jess- I'd say John. she seems more herself and not that blonde empty-headed girl she was with Nick more often.
    for me- with Nick... hehe!! they were a much hotter couple without the long hippie-ish skirts and Nick never had that awful haircut....ahem