do you like it??

  1. hello i´m new, i wanted to asked how do you see the chanel fake bag....i know is a fake cause i´m student and i dont hace enough money for buying it at this moment. so do you see diferences about this and the real one????thak you very much

    *we do not permit links to knowingly counterfeit handbag websites.
  2. I've only seen fake cambon bags, very obvious IMO.
  3. so, it´s better not to buy it? what is IMO, sorry for my english?
  4. Sorry, but we don't support buying fakes around here.
  5. First, IMO means "In My Opinion", Second, NEVER by a handbag that you know is fake. It is much better to have a nice handbag that maybe is not a designer label than to carry a fake. The selling of fake knockoff handbags is on the rise and it is illegal. If your have found a TDF (To Die For) bag, just be patient until the time when you can afford to buy the Real thing!! Your time will come. We all start our collection somewhere and for me it was not at the top. Never settle for less than the real thing.​
  6. this website DOES NOT support counterfeit handbags, they're illegal.
  7. Hmm... I'm a student but I would never buy a replica bag so I don't think that should be your justification to buying a fake bag. However; I know many people will never spend 2k on a "bag" so there is nothing wrong with buying replicas if you don't think spending an X amount of money on a bag is possible.

    I would recommend saving up! good luck!
  8. Personally, the fake ones make me's SAD!!!

    If you cannot afford a real one that you have on your mind, I suggest getting something similar in semi-luxurious brand(or casual brand) or getting something smaller of the brand you want.....

    That's how I started my collection until I have the financial ability to buy what I really want....

    Like..I wanted a big gucci tote that was over a 1500 back then , but I didn't have the money for it so i waited for the sale and then I got a small pouch style bag in the same print fabric for 300, then got a Banana Republic Big tote......that was still stylish......

    But never never never get fakes......!!!!!!