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  1. it's a really nice bag. I like it:smile:))
  2. Like the bag. Lose the bow.
  3. I'm with you PP. I don't get the bow. You might as well put on a beautiful Prada suit/heels combo and then slap that little bow on your forehead. Weird.
  4. ^^^
    I agree with PP and Kyung Hwa! The bow is a bit much for me . . .

  5. Sorry Albion. I just saw you said you like the bow. Wasn't trying to be a jerk :shucks:
  6. I like the bag, but have to agree with the other girls, and not a big fan of the bow
  7. I'm sorry but I don't like the bow either...but that's ME...I'm not a bow person..but if you love it and you'll use it --get it...bags that we don't like always look better on ladies who LOVE shows b/c they ROCK 'em!! Let us know if you get it!!!
  8. hhhmm... the bow is ok ... if u liek it..GET IT
  9. I think the bow's cute - adds a feminine touch but not too overwhelming. Go for it if you like it!
  10. Love it...especially the bow! So cute.
  11. I am not a frilly girl... there are no ruffles in my closet... so I am not a fan of the bow. But that being said, there are girls out there that love bows and ruffles which is why they make all different things, we are all DIFFERENT! If you love it, I say BUY IT!