Do you like it hot or wet?


Feb 14, 2007
Unless I'm in bed sleeping I like it hot and dry. I hate rain. Today I had to walk about three blocks in rain that was so awful I was soaked through to my panties, my hair was all matted up and wet, my umbrella flipped inside out, and the wind was blowing so hard I literally could almost not cross the street. It was awful. Luckily I knew it was raining when I left the house so I wore a pair of funky shoes. Otherwise I'd have been doing all that barefoot.


Love me, love my cat
Sep 24, 2007
We have a longstanding drought happening here and our water catchments are so low we can't wash our cars or windows and can only water our gardens for an hour twice a week. I would like to order up months on end of pouring rain.