do you like how your brief look when stuffed?

  1. i carry sweater or shawl all the time. it is light but has volume. when i do this with the brief, the bottom of the bag ceased to be straight and became curved somewhat in the middle causing the bottomm corners to "point out". a bit like how the first look if stuffed. the thing is, i saw one brief with crooked / uneven sides (not symmetrical). and i am getting a bit paranoid that this curving at the bottom of the brief may be caused by uneven stiching of the bag....

    any thoughts....?
  2. Hi Bagpunk, I know exactly what you mean about the shape when stuffed -- both my briefs do this when I stuff them. I kinda like this look as it gives the bag some nice curves. I don't think it's any kind of problem with uneven stiching.
  3. mine looks the same when its super stuff( and I stuff it all the time, bad girl that I AM...) it has a kinda weird shape and I notice that the shape in general changed a lot since I bought it..
    I don't really mind this though cause I feel like with using, the bag gets even more personality and grows on you(whow, that sounds cheesy :heart: )
  4. i am glad to hear that helen. O, can you elaborate on how your brief changed? i mean, in what way? i don't mind how the city, PT and first kinda look curvy all over when stuffed as they look organic. somehow with the brief, it just looked a bit crooked along the bottom. i have to arrange my sweater or shawl to lie flat accross the bottom for the brief not to look crooked along the bottom...
  5. when I first bought it the form was much more defined..the sides were ind of more sharp edged or sumthing..hard to as it is much more slouchy it gets a more round shape in a way..
  6. I find this happens with many of the larger slouchier bags. I am always rearranging things in my larger bags so they hang right. I have to confess that I haven't used my brief as much as I should. It seems a little stiff to me. Maybe I should start using it more and keeping it rather full and it will soften up a bit.
  7. hmmm... interesting. my violet 07 SGH lamb is actually really soft and 'fluffy'. i am wondering if this is why the bottom curved in (not out) when it is stuffed. i do not want to have to worry about how much stuff i have and how i arrange them each time so this bothers me a bit. and since i have no experience with the brief before this, i have no idea how they 'age' in terms of shape....