Do you like Hermes Garden party?

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  1. I am deciding on MJ stam or Hermes Garden party right now...

    Regarding the Garden party, anyone expert on the size and color??

    I heard they have standard size, Medium and GM in canvas, leather( not so sure), wool , and a rubber like material.

    Personally, I am interested on the Wool or Rubber material but I found wool might not be durable ?? and it might only suitable for winter?

    On the other hand, for the rubber material, I love the color ( black) and it looks so chic! but after I spoke with Hermes SA today, she told me this material already discontinued. From time to time, I might still able to spot some used one on ebay.

    Should I buy the Rubber material even it has been discontinued? :weird:

    Which one you girls love more??

    All pics from ebay.

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  2. i have a regular garden which is similar to the 2nd one in ur attachement.
    I think it is a fairly large size for me, dimensionally similar to the regular spy but since it is sqare, it is much more roomy.

    I am not sure about the rubber material, but mine is canvas plus leather in the grey/blk combination. It is a very nice document bag for office use i guess, although i haven't started working yet...

    i would suggest u go with the leather version, if the price is not too different. It is very durable for the leather. I have had it for like several years already (although i am not using it on a daily basis, in fact, hardly used it) but i don't see much wears and tears...

    I will post some pictures later for ur reference.
  3. I have mixed feelings about this bag. I saw a few tonight while @ Hermes and they looked really plain. Really a practical bag though :biggrin: I prefer the Herbag to this in non-leather.
  4. Does anyone know the dimensions of the different sizes of these? Also, how much are they in leather?
  5. I agree with Noriko, I like the style of the Herbag more. But this tote would be practical and useful.
  6. I love the style of the Hermes bag. I saw it in real life at the store and it was really neat.

    There are a few slightly used ones on eBay the last time I looked.
  7. I vote for the Hermes over the MJ (forgot to say)!
  8. The rubber material is called Amazonia. I have a friend with a GP in this material but prefer the wool/canvas with leather trim in the GP.
    Just a good, simple tote. Hmmm... for prices I want to say that they are under $1200 but I'm not 100% positive. :smile:
  9. Yes I agree GP is a big plain compare to other bag, I dont really like it at the start but now I feel it might be good to use for work because I never use my Brand Name handbag to work. I afraid ppl gossip about me and my bag and my income. ( cos my salary is quite low, and they might say I am so crazy to spend all my $$ in a bag!! )

    Once a while ago, I told a friend how much salary i am getting and I told her i am planning to buy a MJ stam, she said " OH u r salary is so low, u better save it, dont spend it all on ONE BAG! " and i feel suck..

    So i think GP might be a nice low-key bag to work?!

    I really like the black color of the AMAZONIA GP.

    and the colorful wool GP is a nice choice too!! really hard to pick.
  10. I love the GP in brown with the orange twilly. It is really cute!:biggrin: I would love to get one.
  11. I am just planning to buy the canvas GP ... but sadly that's no Hermes shop in my country.. so I can only buy one when I travel to other place or bid one from ebay..
  12. ChloeSS, which country are you from?
  13. Gigi,

    I originally from HK but I live at New Zealand right now :P
  14. ChloeSS, you're right. There is not a single Hermes store in New Zealand! :worried: That's strange...

    Looks like the closest stores to you would be i right ? There are Hermes stores in Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne.

    I have some Japanese catalogue-type magazines with info. on Hermes bags, let me read up on the Garden Party bags & I'll post what I can find out for you.
  15. I have the smaller canvas w/leather trim. It's too open and the metallic button is a little hard to close. I still think it's really cute, though.