Do you like handbags with Studs?

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  1. Hi, ladies tell me what you think of handbags with studs? There's this one handbag that I can't decide if I should keep or not, it's the Michael Kors Astor in red patent leather, but it does have a lot of studs on it.

    At first, I thought that I loved it, then thought maybe the studs were too much and went out and bought the Chestertown instead. But, now, I"m thinking that maybe it's cute (my original impression). Have I confused you yet?

    Do you think studs are too trendy? This particular bag that I"M talking about was motorcycle inspired so you really have to see it. Sorry don't have pics.
  2. I don't know whether studs are trendy or not(though to me they do seem a bit dated), but they are not my style.
  3. Either way, I'm okay with studs as long as they are not predominantly part of the design. I guess more like if there are studs as feet on the bottom. Maybe what I really mean is, I am not a fan of studs.
    But I also think it depends on the purse. I just did a quick google on the one you're talking about, and to me its kinda cute but I personally wouldn't go for it. Maybe if it was fewer, and possibly larger, like that one Balanciaga (sp?) bag, that comes in like an amazing variety of colors, that one I do like.
  4. Yes, I really love studded bags.
  5. I love studs! And... I like the MK Astor as well! It's a keeper, IMO!
  6. Personally, I think you made a great choice. I like the Chestertown MUCH better than the Astor. I think you will get much more use out of it.
  7. I love studs. I just wish I could find a bag with nice stud detail.

    Depending on the design it can be too much at times.
  8. It depends on how many studs we're taking about. The MK Astor satchel doesn't seem to have an excessive number of studs. I think that looks nice. However, I probably wouldn't buy a bag that's as studded as a Be&D Garbo. That's just overkill to me.
  9. i have an astor in the overnight size.. the studs don't bother me... it's just the styling of the bag. I think overall.. the bag can be pretty timeless
  10. I like the Astor with the silver studs that was out a couple of years ago. Personally I like it in luggage color...don't know about red patent leather. I saw a Be&D bag the other day with lots of shiny gold studs and that was too much for me but Kors Astor is small studs and I like it.
  11. I be down with the studs. Love the little suckers!
  12. Love them! I have the Gucci Biba and cant take my eyes off of it!
  13. Depends on how many studs. Some are okay, but if there are so many that the bag looks like a S&M prop, I'm not interested!
  14. I like them in moderation, like on Balenciaga bags. I don't like them if it lines the whole trim of the bag. I tend not to like a lot of studs though, just because it seems more trendy.
  15. I don't fancy studs but I was quite taken in by Luella Joni. There's clearance on them on but I'm hesitating if I want one.