do you like either of these??

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  1. If you're interested in them for bad weather (rain, snow, etc.) then make sure that they're of a water-resistant material first and have good traction in slippery conditions before style. I can't make any judgment without knowing the composition of the boots.

    The top ones look like they'll slip in snow/ice. I can't tell for sure though as I don't know what the bottom is really made out of.
  2. Certainly look into the issues Blackbird mentioned. That said, I prefer the first style -- aside from looking fun and stylish, they also look chic, which the second ones lack, IMO.
  3. the second boots I would wear.
  4. I prefer the first.
  5. my vote is for the first pair
  6. I like the top ones better as you could use them for rain and snow if you like. What is the sole made out of? Is it slippery.
  7. I vote for the second pair
  8. neither:Push:
  9. i don't think those two will work too well in bad weather. i got a pair of sorels, they are water proof and super warm- they don't look super cute but they are the best when it's snowing and i need to shovel my driveway.
  10. thanks for all the thoughts, i decided on neither... will wait for something more practical AND cute to come around :smile:
  11. I dont like either of them. I wish there were more cute winter type boots out there.

    I was thinking about getting that kind of boot this winter and for a while I was looking at Aquatalia They sell them at saks and many online sites such as and zappos. They are functional and still look cute to me. Most of their boots are waterproof and weather proof.

    examples attached

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  12. :idea:

    Top ones for day/work, bottom ones for weekends and apres ski!!!

    Let us know what you decide!