Do you like different Indie designers?

  1. The skirts are beautiful :love::love: Thanks for posting Danica, I think I'm going to do a bit of online shopping today :graucho:
  2. They are cute
  3. no problem, I'm glad you like them!!:flowers:
  4. ^Thanks Passerby! I love looking at new sites and I always have alot of time on my hands :shame: so it works out nicely. haha
    I really like the how does your garden grow case, did she custom-make that for you?
  5. Danica, I liked the small case she did in the same fabric so I asked Jenna to make a longer case for me. She made it in a couple of days. She's a pleasure to deal with. It's the first time Jenna's shipping to Singapore, she's worried the two wallets won't reach me. Fingers crossed :smile:

    Off to work now, will post more etsy sites later.
  6. ^ That's really cool, it's like having your own personal designer for you! lol That's really nice of her though, I hope your wallets reach you safely!!
  7. Ack, you guys are trouble for posting these sites. I can smell the amex burning already. Way to cute :smile: