Do you like darker patina on Azur?

  1. I was roaming eBay for another speedy when I came across this azur speedy (haven't had it authenticated yet).

    I don't know if I like how the dark patina looks with Azur. I don't know if I'd ever buy Azur knowing that the leather can get this dark. It seems SO contrasting...almost distractingly so.

    What do you think? Do you like how it looks?
  2. well it doesn't look that bad on the link you gave, but personally i dont like when the leather ages.....i wish they would never turn a different color so it'll always look fresh =)
  3. I think it looks beautiful!!

    I actually don't like the patina on Classic Monogram because it looks dirty to me. But this looks fresh and amazing!!
  4. i really want to like it, but honestly, i think it looks funny!
  5. I am a big fan of patina! I just love the richness that can develop over time.
    I have an azur speedy that I purchased earlier in the year and I can't wait for it to get that rich tone to the vachetta.
  6. The reason why I didnt get the azur is because the dark patina doesnt seem to match the light colored canvas. Dont like it at all but thats just me. I have a few friends who sold their azur speedies for the same reason. Just doesnt look right.:nogood:
  7. The bag is real.

    I loooooove patina on Azur... :drool:
  8. i dont like patina at all...i think it looks dirty too.
  9. I LOVE the patina too! I sold mine when it was really light because I didn't like it. I wish I had seen it with patina! GORGEOUS!
  10. i also saw that auction (its auth, its mprs) and thought of the exactly same thing as you... i actually saved those pictures to remind myself that's how azur will look once it turns to darker patina....this is one thing that worries me about azur... i havent own any azur pieces yet, becoz of this reason
  11. I had an Azur speedy and sold it because I did not like the patina with the light canvas. I love patina with the other canvas collections, just not the Azur.
  12. I think it looks great!
  13. I enjoy having patina on my Azur speedy since it won't be too pale to use in winter. There are several photoshop pix of Azur Speedy at different level of patina you can search for, it's really not that bad :yes:
  14. Personally, this is exactly the reason why I don't own any Azur-canvas bag.
    It is so beautiful when it's new, but as the leather gets darker, it seems quite off with the light colour of the Azur canvas.
    I'm ok with patina on the monogram though. I think the colours go so well together.
  15. not a big fan...