Do you like Chinese ebayers?

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  1. I am from China, just began to sell on ebay. I heard that many people hate Chinese ebayers. I wanna know if this is ture and why?
  2. I personally haven't had any issues with ebayers who happen to be from China. I think some ppl are just wary because of lax counterfeiting laws so they may fear receiving a fake item vs an authentic item. The pictures and such may all look good/authentic, but you never know if the seller may be unscrupulous. He/she may have stolen the pics and then decide to mail the buyer a fake item. That's not to say that other countries (US, Europe, etc) don't have their fair share of counterfeit issues, but I think Asia (esp China) has a poor reputation for keeping counterfeiters at bay.
  3. Do I like Chinese eBayers? Sure.

    Would I buy designer goods from Chinese eBayers? Not for all the tea.
  4. ^Agreed. When it comes to luxury items, it gets risky buying an item located in China. A buyer can expect that anything can happen. But when it comes to smaller items, yes, I do buy them and I've had only good experiences.
  5. i have bought pearl necklaces from Ebay sellers in China. I also bought a generic maker purse. I prefer to shop local, or at least within the US, but had no problem with the shipments from China.

    I think what you may have heard about that was negative toward China was the large influx of counterfeits (handbags, jewelry, etc) that has been known to come from China. If you sell authentic goods, and start getting some good feedback, then no one should have a worry shopping with you.
  6. I've bought custom-made dresses. They were beautiful AND cheap!!
  7. The only thing I've ever bought from China ended up being fake. I would never buy anything from China on eBay again.
  8. I don't know about China in general, but there are some very reputable sellers that are based in Hong Kong that sell lots of authentic designer goods.
  9. Agreed. I have 2 favorite sellers from China that I buy from almost exclusively for LV items. Very reputable.

    I haven't had a lot of buyers from China, not sure why.
  10. I don't hate any nationality, but I do hate scams. Did you have a bad experience on Ebay?
  11. Afraid I'm the same here, unless it was a known and reputable seller .
  12. I think this sums it up for most of ebayers. :woohoo: ( prejudice intended, it's just that most fake designer bags/shoes come from China)
  13. I (unfortunately) have to agree!
  14. definitely agree!
    phone accessories, anything small I will purchase from chinese eBayers.
    I haven't had a bad experience yet (knock on wood)
    But anything more then $100+ I can't say I would run the risk
  15. I would buy from China, but probably just not a high end item due to taxes/customs. I would also be super careful to check their feedback and know exactly what I was buying for virtue of the fact that it's coming from a foreign country and my recourse if not as described is a bit more limited. I would have the same hesitancy with any international purchase though, not just China. While there are scams everywhere, I see a lot more of them getting away with them from foreign countries. Not sure if it's easier that way because they bank on a US buyer who can't just call the police and have them file a report if something is a scam like they can within the US. Most people will give up pursuing an international scammer because it is just too expensive. Even the call to their police station is going to be pricey...and they may not even speak your language...or worse, care!