do you like both of these bags.. need your opinions. what do you think?

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  1. i liked the first one but not the second one.
  2. I like the first one (the brown one) - Who makes that bag? I'm not liking the black one much at all.
  3. I agree with them
  4. the brown one is adorable!

    i like the body detailing of the black one, but not the loops that connect it to the handles. also, this is not a shape i could ever see myself's too flat. i likes mah bags chunky! :p
  5. I totally agree with the others - I like the Brown one, a lot. But the Black one doesn't do it for me.
  6. first one
  7. Actually, I love the black one. Who makes it? The brown one is nice too, but I've seen 1000 others similar to it.
  8. I like the first one the brown one the best!
  9. I think the black one is Via Spiga, I remember seeing it last weekend at Marshall's.

    I like the first one.
  10. Agree with the majority here, the brown bag is cute!
  11. Another vote for the first one. Very cute.
  12. Another vote for the brown. Although, I have to admit the hardware on the black one is rather unique.
  13. My vote is for thr brown too. I'm just not feeling the black one.