Do you like bandeau scarves tied on bags???

  1. I am curious what you guys think of bandeau scarves tied onto the handbags? I just bought the Mirage Speedy and I am thinking of putting the Mirage Bandeau on it.
    • Do you think that the mirage logo is "overkill" on the mirage bag?
    • Also, what do you think about putting the LOVE bandeau on the Azur Saleya? Or would the blue/white/brown flower patter look better? I think that I want an Azur bag with a bandeau scarf for spring....
    I was at a LV store yesterday and I saw the bandeau scarves in the red/white/brown flower pattern and the blue/white/brown flower pattern.

    THANKS!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR.:yahoo:
  2. I personally like bags by themselves, not with ANYTHING hanging off of it, no cles, no bag charms, no scarves. I find it looks cluttered. But I understand the temptation bec. the scarves are so pretty and if something matches why not put the two together. I was looking at the azur speedy on elux and on the same page it said that I might also like an azur scarf, lol. I gave it a momentary thought, "Oh that matches so nicely."
  3. For your avatar, did you select Charlotte from SITC bec. of your location? clever
  4. I only have one bandeau --- the LVOE one --- that I put on my gold Miroir Lockit. It looks really nice on it actually. I'm not one to tie bandeaus on my bags all the time, though, but I do admire those who do. I think the mirage bandeau on your mirage speedy would look fantastic!
  5. Yes, I have always loved her character on the show and I just happen to live in Charlotte!!!!:girlsigh:
  6. I generally think it looks too flashy and overdone. But sometimes I think it looks really good.
  7. I think there was a pic on the Mirage threads of a Mirage all dolled up with the matching scarf and it looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The only reason I don't do it much is because of the weather here. I can't imagine subjecting an expensive silk scarf to snow, rain, sleet, ice, and mush.
  8. I think they look cute, especially if the bag AND bandeau aren't overly done. For example, I LOVE the way the Vernis bags look with a coordinating bandeau on them. Or if the bag is more logo-ed, a more plain bandeu looks nice.
  9. I think they look great tied on bags, although I've never owned one...
  10. I like the bandeaus only on the speedy, especially in azur, but not on the mirage. I think the mirage is too interesting a bag to distract it with anything tied on it.
  11. I think the scarves and bag charms are a great way to add a little flair to your bag. They are easy to change and if you are out and need a scarf just take it off the bag. ;)
  12. Great idea Zombie about wearing the scarf!!!
  13. Yes to both combos!!! See my signature-- I LOVE my red sweet flowers bandeau tied on my mono, red epi and Damier speedies. Also I would love to be able to find the LVOE scarf for a future Azur piece.
  14. I think the bandeaus and charms personalizes each bag ... esp. the ones that are so common i.e. mono speedy. If there was a bandeau of some kind or bag charm on it, then it's one of a kind in my eyes.
  15. No... but I take pictures with them cuz I have nothing else to do... LOL!