Do you like Bally bags?

  1. Hi, everyone!
    I never saw here any people mentioning Bally bags. (Maybe didn't look carefully?) Does anyone like them? I mean, I have 2 of them and they were my first expensive designer bags. I simply love them! They are both black (one leather, one canvas) and easily match any outfit. I know, most of their designs may not be super-trendy, but some of ther bags are fabulous. What do you think?
  2. You're correct - Bally is rarely mentioned.

    I own a couple of bags from a few seasons back. Their quality can be very variable, in my opinion, as sometimes the leather scratches easily.

    I use to really like the designs but it seems like they are trying to be more trendy and then it's hit or miss.

    There's a huge Bally store in the major shopping center here, but I don't know of many online retailers that sell them, so that could be the reason they are not mentioned more often.
  3. I like bally bags too (I don't own any yet), but I don't think they're hugely popular here in the UK. they used to have a few bally stores in London, now they just have the flagship store an a concession in Selfridges.
  4. I used to like their shoes but I haven't seen anything in the stores in quite a while. I just checked out their web site and saw a couple of cute bags like a lilac croc satchel. I agree with favoritethingshawaii - the designs are hit or miss.
  5. i looove their shoes...they r of a good quality...i've buying from Bally for more than 20 years..but never bought a bag..i guess they would be of the same quality
  6. I thinks it's really regional.. love the bags but actually never bought one yet
    very classic style- but I agree with you ladies before- sometimes they try a little to hard... maybe need a new designer... the quality is excellent
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  8. I looove their bags, their shoes... it is all so me... I am a huge fan... So huge, that I drive 400 km to the nearest Bally store during sales)))... and splurge... within the limits of my budget, of course... Luckily, I won't have to do this anymore, as Bally is moving into my town... YAHOO!!! I have 5 Bally bags at the moment, scarlet red, green-turquoise, bordeauh-brown, brown and black. All in leather, except for the brown one which is in suede and is my favourite Bally. The first three are from the older collections and a tiny-tiny, but they will be facing a comeback this summer... I totally disagree about Bally being viewed as traditional, it depends on where you shop and how you mix it, I guess... Anyway, I am seriously biased on this issue.
  9. I'm glad this thread came up. I've seen some nice bags in magazine ads and on-line at, but never IRL. I didn't know about the quality, though. It's good to hear they're well-made.
  10. my mother loved Bally bags. she has a few that have sumptuous leather, in very classic styles.

    recently, though, i've noticed that they've been trying to catch up with the flashier brands with trendier styles. i agree that some of the bags seem like they're trying too hard. they should stick to making classic beautiful leather bags, and just update the styles a little without going overboard.
  11. My mother loves Bally bags too. This is why when I was younger, I thought Bally bags are for old ladies. But now as I get older a bit (just a bit LOL), I realize that they're classics. Their qualities are one of the best too. I don't own any Bally bag yet, and I don't know if I will buy it anytime soon. But I know I would get some hand-me-down Bally from my mom, that's for sure. :graucho:
  12. I've got two bags, one going back to 1990, and they're fine but not my favorites. I like some of the bags they're producing now, but oh are they expensive for what you get. I would probably look at them more, but I haven't liked the service I've gotten at the store here in Atlanta so I avoid them for the most part.

    Ferragamo just got on my crap list as well for the same reason.
  13. I just don't like the way they look. Sorry, just not my taste.
  14. I have 8 Bally bags, 6 hand me downs from my mother and 2 that I bought for myself. I carry them to work, not so much as a fashion statement.

    A bit of context regarding my taste... I tend to favor simpler bags. I work in a creative field and my clothes and shoes tend to reflect that. But for whatever reason, I like to keep my bags simple and discreet. For everyday I like my Longchamp bags.
  15. I got one handed down from my grandma. Its a red leather flap (looks a lot like chanel, but not as luxurious). It is pretty though, and the quality is good!