Do You Like Any Of These Boots ?

  1. um, not particularly, no.

    The last pair looks pretty unique, though.
  2. I actually like the Xhiliration boots. I love straps.
  3. Mostly only the YSL
  4. nope Im afraid I dont
  5. No, not my style.
  6. I love the YSL & the Fendi pair. I had a pair of Marc Jacobs boots that were similar to these and they were the most comfortable winter boots! Gotta love Minnesota:p
  7. Nope, can't say I like any of those
  8. I like the YSL. I have to quit looking at this stuff. My wish lists just keeps growing.
  9. I love all of them - or at least the general style. I have been wearing snow boots with wedges for a couple of years now. I know this will sound horrible but I was inspired by seeing a pair of my grandma's that were probably 20+ years old. It took me forever to find a pair since wedges weren't "back" yet. They are much more stable than a regular heel in the snow but I can still put my pants over the top of them without having them drag on the ground like they do when I try to wear flats.

    Would I wear them out to a club? No I don't think so. But for getting me to and from places like work and shopping, they are ideal for me.
  10. I like 1,2, and 4
  11. only the Yves Saint Laurent ones
  12. I totaly agree! Wedges lift your feet off the ground away from dirty snow and puddles. Imagine stepping into a shallow puddle in leather boots. Wedge heels keep the leather part of your shoes from getting too dirty.
  13. 4. Xhiliration – Faith strappy wedge boot. Thats the only ones I'd like ..

    Louboutin Garabaldi bootsutin Garabaldi boots are sooooooo cute . But if your looking for a wedge I think KORS by Michael Kors Crosby boots there cute
  14. Sorry none of them are my style.