Do you like Active Endeavors?

  1. I used to be a fan of activeendeavors. But now I found they tend to have worse clothing selection for women. I browsed the whole site yesterday and even have not found a single item I am willing to spend my store credit, which is not the case that I'm with Shopbop, revolveclothing and etc. They used to carry Marc by Marc Jacobs and other cute brands, but now they have more over-priced T-shirts and accessories. by they way, I adore their men's collection--very cool!

    So does anyone love this online boutique? Why do you love it?
  2. I agree about Active Endeavors for the most part. The Mike & Chris stuff is cute though :smile: I miss their MBMJ section too!
  3. I like Active Endeavors, but agree that their clothing selection isn't the greatest. They do have a good selection of bags though.
  4. I like active endeavors for hteir free returns. I usually just buy some basic tees and tank tops. I have found some baby doll style shirts though. :p