Do you like a sagging Speedy?

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  1. So I built the cardboard contraption for my Speedy so it won't sag....but I was wondering does anyone actually like the sag?

    Ck out Jess' - hers always sags....

  2. I don't like a sagging speedy. But I carry a lot of stuff with me so it fills up and holds its shape nicely.

    DON'T like saggy speedies.
  3. Not really, I think the saggy looks kind of silly !
  4. There are two things that shouldn't sag, your bag and your boobs!:nuts:

    Seriously though, I don't mind a tiny sag, but Jess's bag is way too much sag for me! Don't like much sag.

    ps, can you take a pic of holding your bag with stuff in it so we can see how it helps the sag??
  6. I'm not a fan of the sag.

    Luvmybags, you're too funny.:P :P :P
  7. I don't like that much of a sag either.
  8. No sag for me. Cardboard all the way.
  9. hate the sag, its what kept me away from buying a speedy for a long time. now i've given in
  10. Thanks Kat!! :nuts:
  11. I've put a piece of cardboard in my bag too. Love the bag, hate the sag. :amuse:
  12. Teehee, so true!
  13. No, I don't like the sag. I put an Elux catalogue in my bag to prevent it.
  14. I don't like it when it sags!!!
  15. I don't care for the saggy look at all!
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