Do you let your husbands / boyfriends carry your dear handbags??

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Do you let your husbands / boyfriends carry your dear handbags??

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  2. No

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  1. Do you let your husbands / boyfriends carry your dear handbags?? Why? or Why Not?
  2. No.
    I never let my BF carry my bag unless my hands are full eg: I am shopping and my hands are full of clothes I want to try etc. I think it's ridiculous when I see bfs/husbands carrying their woman's bag and she's walking around with both her hands empty. To me, at least, a bag is an accesory to my outfit so it has to be ON ME to look good (and make me look good:supacool:)

    For practical reasons too - I don't exactly trust my bf to be as careful as I am with my bags. But he is learning! :p
  3. My DH used to freak if I asked him to do so...but now, he offers if I need a helping hand. He is great!
  4. No Way!! I was driving and I asked my DH to hand me my MJ Multipocket from the back seat and.....he grabbed the side of the bag and started to lift it into the front seat!! These bags are pretty heavy so it looked all stretched and contorted for that one brief moment. :wtf: He was pinching/pulling on its gorgeous leather! I squealed at him and told him nevermind....he doesn't get it. :lecture:
  5. My bf hates carrying my bags cause they're so heavy, but he will if I hand it to him cause I've got too much stuff :p
  6. I'm of the same opinion as pyrexia in terms of men carrying and what I allow my DH to do.

    In terms of getting something for me...the one time I let him go through my bag looking for something, a pen mark merged on the outside (and the bag was only 3 weeks old!!!) - Bal Twiggy!
    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  7. Yep. He takes good care of them :smile:
  8. No, I can carry my own bag. That is why I prefer a shoulder bag over a handheld. Sure, there have been times when I've said, "Hold this" and handed it to him, but it embarrasses him and makes him nervous! He is scared to death he will accidentally "do something" to it.
  9. My bf usually gives me that "do I have to?!" look whenever I ask him to hold my bag, but he will hold them for a few min if my hands are full.
  10. If I have 2 broken arms, yes. haha. My dh is really a man's man. Jokes aside, he would if I needed BOTH my hands for something else.
  11. In high school, I used to love having guys carry them because it made me feel like it showed everyone how much he liked me... now I think it looks silly and I don't want to be THAT girl walking with a guy with the purse around his shoulders.

    Recently, as my bags choice is getting larger and heavier, I'll give it to my bf when I get really tired but as soon as I recover from a break, I'll take it back from him.
  12. When me and my DH are still dating, we used to do tug-o-wars with my handbags / stuffs. I’m not used to letting others carry my stuff because no one ever did that for me before.

    But now, I got sooo used to it. Everytime we go out, he usually carry my handbags if they are not my Chanel Classic Flaps. If it’s not a Flap, then for sure, it’s in his hands / shoulders. But if it’s just a Flap, then it’s with me.

    Spoiled Brat!
  13. My DH does always offer to carry them, and I use to let him if I'm tired or have too much to carry. But as many else in this forum, I see my bags as an accessory and it should be on me to match everything else...

    But he's lovely and always think of me and my wellbeing. :love:
  14. No Way!!
  15. I totally agree.