Do you let your friends/anyone borrow your LV bags?

  1. Do you let your friends or anyone borrow your LV bags if they ask? The only person I let borrow my bags is my mom.
  2. No--- none have asked though...... but most likely the answer would be no.
  3. hellz no. i dont even let my friends borrow cds or dvds. lol. im very particular.
  4. Nobody has asked me but the answer would definitely be NO!!
  5. No one has ever asked, thank goodness! But there's no way I would ever lend mine! :nogood:
  6. my best friend despises LV, soooooo I could try to force her but she'll probably burn any LV that comes in contact with her.
  7. it depends. my cousin asked if she could borrow my musette salsa, i said yes in a heartbeat. coz i know she would let me borrow one of her bags if i asked.
  8. No one has asked me either but I don't think I would. I'd sooner buy them their own. I've learned that you never let someone borrow something you mind losing. People don't usually treat things that aren't theirs with the same care they would their own. There are people who treat other people's stuff better out of courtesy but I don't think that applies to the masses.
  9. Maaaaybeee my sister but not my friends.
  10. My mom but that is it.
  11. Friends - NO! My mom or my sister - yes, 'cause they let me borrow their Chanels :graucho:
  12. my mom. none of my friends ever asked.
  13. Just my mom and sister, that's it, nobody else!
  14. Definately i would not allowed it because just don't want to take a risk.
  15. nope, not even my sister or my mum. I don't think they'd ever ask anyway.

    My friend told me that she got in a huge argument with her sister coz she wanted to borrow her LV.