Do you let others influence your bag choices?


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Dec 2, 2005
I have been wanting to add a new bag to my collection..and am debating between another LV (damier speedy) or a Balenciaga (classique). I have been trying to see if this "balenciaga phase" would pass, but its been 4 months and I am still REALLY wanting one!

However, my mom (the reason I am a handbag lover!) insists that Louis Vuitton is more classic, and will last forever. The Balenciaga phase, she ensures me, will pass.

So I am at a crossroads...I know I should l go for the bag I truly want at the moment, but I can't help but be influenced by her advice. She has an ENORMOUS, classic bag collection dating from 20 years ago, so her advice is warranted. :shame:

Please keep in mind that I am not super rich, so a $1,000 bag for me would have to be something I'd love to wear for YEARS (if not forever!)
Wow, what a dilemma. I guess it would depend on how many LVs you have already - if 3 or more it seems to me you can afford to indulge and get something a liitle bit trendy and for more fun than an LV. Though the B bag could be a classic too!
Buy the bag you love rather than basing your decision on the designer name. While SAs will hate this idea, I suggest buying both bags, taking them home and trying both with various items in your wardrobe. Keep the bag that makes you feel great!
pursegalsf said:
If you already have an LV bag then get a Bbag. And besides, I'm sure your mom will give you her treasures someday.:lol:

That's exactly what I was thinking, go for the trendy/classic Balenciaga Bag ( I'm a proud owner of 3....:love: I guarantee you'll love them). You'll have a nice collection of classic bags, when you're much older, have fun while you're young!
No. I think I'm one of the few people that doesn't really give a damn what anybody thinks. A lot of people (friends, too!) can't see beyond their own aesthetic, meaning, because they wouldn't wear something they therefore can't picture you with it. Know what I mean?
i thought the balenciaga first aka classic, is a classic because it's been a hit for more than 10 seasons? i read that somewhere, vogue? bazaar? can't remember. so i think it would be safe to buy one. i have one in pewter and i love it. granted i only have it for 6 months, but i still get the lovey dovey feel when i carry it around. =)
If you really love it, go for it. I don't let other influence my bag choices. I do take their comments into consideration but if I want it and I think I look good with it, I get it.
The only other person's whose opinion I'd take into account is my dad's, and he sure didn't like me buying the LV Babylone I got a month ago. I go with what I want and can afford. :smile:
Nah... well, of course you all have wonderful opinions. But, most people I know wouldn't dream of spending such $$$ on handbags... they just don't get it. ;)
Well, there definitely are bags that I am on the fence for, and when I feel like I could go one way or another, I get other people's opinions. If I absolutely love/adore the bag, it doesn't matter if anyone else likes it as long as I do! :biggrin:

I certainly think that some of the opinions I have gotten here has steered me clear of bags that I most likely would have gotten buyers' remorse over!

As far as the B-bag phase... hmm... I suppose some day it might change... like when I'm 95 years old and in diapers.