Do you leave the hang tag on?


Do you leave the Coach hangtag on your bags?

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  1. Just you leave the Coach hang tag (the rectangular leather one that says "Coach") on your bag? I was reading another group and a lot of people were saying they don't because they think it's tacky (equivalent to leaving the price tag on).

    Personally, I leave them on because I think they're pretty...especially my gold leather one from my swingpack. I added that one to the red one that was on my crimson signature stripe wristlet and it makes a great zipper pull.

    What do you all think?
  2. Yes, I think it's part of the charm of the bag.
  3. Same, I leave it on all my bags. Its cute to me and I think thats so cute that Sialia that you use it as a zipper pull!

    I dont see how thats the equivalent to a price tag. .? Its part of the bag, or else why would they make some that come with a metal version of the tag if it wasnt supposed to be there. I can understand if someone didnt like it because they can just take it off but I just dont know why they would think its like a price tag and something to throw away.
  4. ^ I agree with abandonedimages. Why would anyone take off the hangtag.. it's cute & definitely adds to the bag's overall appearance! Plus it's one of Coach's hallmarks :smile:
  5. :yes: I have never even considered taking them off! I went to Coach the other day and noticed that the Blue Scarf Print Tote has 2 of these (one blue and one brown) if they werent meant to be on the bag then why would Coach produce items with two on there?
  6. Definatly leave then on!
  7. Cool - I'm glad to see that everyone seems to agree about leaving them on! I thought it was a weird thing for these other people to say.

    PS LisaG719 - I saw that scarf print bag with the two hangtags and loved it. That's where I got the idea to put two together and use them on my wristlet zipper :smile: .
  8. I've never heard of anyone taking them off! Odd. To each his own I guess ... but yeah, why would you take it off?
  9. Oh yes! It would be silly to remove it, imo.
  10. I always leave them on..some are really cute w/ metallic coloring on the back or the metal ones. I've never thought once about taking them off.
  11. i never thought of taking it off, to me, it looks nice on the bag. and people are buying charms to hang on their bags, the little coach tag is a nice accessory.
  12. its part of the design. it was meant to be kept on. besides, you can't even see that it says coach on it.
  13. I do. I love the way it looks!
  14. Definitely a keeper. It's a part of the bag.
  15. Haha, this is great! I feel very vindicated since on the group I was reading, it was almost 100% the other way...and people were quite snotty about it, "Oh, I'd NEVER leave the tag tacky!". I totally didn't understand the attitude.