Do you ladies use "Lovin My Bags" products on your Gucci bags?

  1. I just bought my second Gucci bag. It is a beige canvas hobo with ivory trim. I'm concerned that the ivory leather handle will darken with time.

    So I have a couple of questions for my lovely (and knowledgable) PF'ers: :wlae:

    Does anyone have a Gucci bag with ivory leather? Did you notice any changes to the color of the leather over time?

    Has anyone here treated their handles? I noticed that Lovin My Bags ( has a handle cream... do you think that would work on my new Gucci?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have the pink medium abbey with the ivory leather handles. I put it in the closet after I bought it in December and I just started using it. I swear it looks darker than when I bought it. I was wondering if it does darken or if it was my imagination.
  3. I think it does darken.. I have a few bags that are ivory trimmed. I guess it's normal from getting somewhat dirty?
  4. I'm interested in their products after you mentioned it here. I hope someone who has used the products can comment...
  5. I've never used the product.
    I do know that some bags do get darker with age.
  6. i have a pink wallet with a formerly white interior. it has turned a LOT darkerr..

    i would definitely recommend using some kind of product, but an SA at the gucci boutique or NM or Saks or something would probably be much more knowledgeable. i would definitely recommend treating it though
  7. I'm interested in anyone's experience with the embossed leather, I have a Gucci (a single one !) so I have no idea what kind of care really needs to be put into her.
  8. I have the same purse (purchased about a year ago) and the ivory trim looks the same.
  9. I have a canvas ivory trim bag which I have had for more than a year and it hasn't changed colour. I just got a new one more than a month ago and I doubt it will change colour too.

    I prefer the ivory to the brown leather. In fact I don't think I could see myself buying the brown leather unless it's for a really good price... I reckon the only way the ivory could change colour is if it gets dirty. Which in my opinion is really hard to do unless you really really chuck your bag around. Or if someone carries it on the shoulder all the time in hot weather wearing sleeveless tops and getting sweat on it?
  10. I just bought an ivory gucci purse in guccisima leather and also the loving my bags products. I've put on the pro leather and handle treatment just recently so I'll guess we'll see if it works through the test of time. I figure something on it is better than nothing!!