Do you ladies use all your purses??

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  1. I've been dying of curiosity about this since I joined. I've seen some AMAZING Coach collections on this board. One in particular that blew me away was someone who had their staircase lined with Coach items! :nuts:

    I have all of 2 Coach purses as I'm a new collector. I also have about 4-5 other purses that I really like from other (non-designer) lines. I can hardly figure out how I am going to use 6 or 7 purses. Maybe change them up once a month, I'm too lazy to do more than that. I'm in Canada so I can justify having purses for winter and purses for summer, but our summer is so short (4 months tops), that I can't see using more than 2 over 4 months, but maybe you guys are laughing hysterically at this comment. :biggrin:

    So I'm wondering, for all you ladies with a dozen or more purses - do they all make the rotation, or do you (sadly) have some sitting in your closet that never see the light of day?

    Just wondering how you handle all those beautiful purses!!
  2. I do not have a rotation - I just go by what I am wearing that day - Also, I tend to use wristlets on the weekend
  3. I have 12 or 13 Coach bags and most of them get used at least once a month. I carry the same bag for no more than 2-3 days at a time usually. Sometimes I'll change my purse twice in one day. I think that number of purses that I have is manageable but I really don't need another! LOL
  4. I don't have as many as some coachies collections on here but I have about 10 bags and I definitely use them all....they are too expensive to just sit there collecting dust! Besides, if DH notices I'm not using them he'll never buy me one ever again thinking it'll be a waste of money. I don't believe in 'collecting' coach bags to never use them. Besides, if you don't use them, it'll hurt their feelings!! :P
  5. I only buy purses that I actually plan on using... I currently have 6 (after paring down my collection) and every one gets used.
  6. I use all my bags. I have about 10-12 (need to count them again!). I don't have a rotation I just go with the flow. I may carry a bag for a few days or a week before changing out again. I will use what I feel like carrying for that particular day. I use them all at some point, but some of my heavier Legacy bags do not get used as often.
  7. I do, I really believe that what would be the point in owning these great bags if I do not use them... These are not museum piece that needs to be hung and never touched. Theses bags are to be worn....

    The only thing I am doing different this year is that I am separating Summer and Winter bags...
  8. I downsized my collection a lot and actually there are 2 bags of mine that never get used... I think its just because they are a little too big for me now, but otherwise I use all my bags...
  9. Even if I had the money to buy and keep tons of purses, etc, I couldn't do it. I have 5 right now and they all get used. Sometimes I find it hard to decide which one I want to use because I fall in love all over again with whatever one I am using and suddenly it is my fave (till I rotate - ha ha).

    On a side note, I used to have matching wallets and wristlets for all of my bags and that was tedious to rotate them too so I just got one wallet, wristlet, etc to use for all my bags. Most of my bags are legacy (legacy stripe interior) so I have a legacy stripe wallet, wristlet, etc. to use for all of them.
  10. I only have six and I def use them all! I feel like I have just enough bags right now
  11. I use all of the ones my husband knows I own, and I'll use the others over time. :biggrin: So for now, I have 7 he knows of that I use on a regular basis.

    I have basic supplies I keep in each purse - a notepad, a pen, tissues, hand lotion, a nail file, nail clippers, some bandaids, and chapstick. Those items are all inexpensive enough that I could buy a set for each bag. The only thing I need to switch when I switch bags are my sunglasses, cell phone, and wallet. It takes just a few seconds to switch bags so everything gets used.

    If I carried more things on a daily basis like makeup, I'd probably buy a wristlet for those items so I could switch that easily from bag to bag.
  12. Use them all.
    I think I have like 10.

    I don't buy to "collect".
    I buy to "use".
    In fact, guilt creeps in if an item goes unused!
  13. Awesome girls, thanks for the replies. I feel very lazy now!! I used to use one for summer (May - August), one for Fall (Sept - November) and maybe 2 over the Winter (December - April). That must seem incomprehensible to you! :P

    Mostly because it would be a pain to switch over the makeup bag, cell phone, wallet, work keys and badge, hairbrush, etc. But like someone said, really this takes about 30 seconds, so I'm really being quite lazy.

    I think you have inspired me to change more often. I am going to use my new pink patchwork Carly until the end of August though because I just got her and love her, and I can't possibly use a baby pink purse in Canada after Labour Day. I'm already looking forward to Sept when I can start using my aubergine Zoe!!
  14. Well, I have a few I haven't used yet, but that's only because I've bought a bunch over the past 2 months and I just haven't gotten to them yet (2 won't be used until fall/winter). I have only 1 Coach bag that I don't really use. It's very small and I find that it's too small to bring to work, and since I bought it, I got into Tokidoki, so when I'm just running out and want a small bag, I use a Tokidoki. So for the most part, all my Coach bags get used except that one. -
  15. Yes, for the most part. I live in one for a while and then switch out. But it also depends on the size. Sometimes I may need a bigger/smaller bag and I'll switch. That being said, I have not been able to use all the stuff I've bought this summer. I've only used 3 bags so far.