Do You Ladies Think Its Necessary ?

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  1. I Have A Damier Canvas Wallet But I Dont Like Much Of Any Bags From Damier Canvas. Do U Ladies Think Its Kinna Weird If Lets Say I Buy A Multicolor Bag With The Damier Canvas Wallet?
  2. Not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use my mono wallet with all of my different bags!!!!!!! Plus the wallets are so expensive and it's a PITA to keep pulling everything out to transfer to another wallet!
  3. If you love the damier wallet and want to use it with your MC, go right ahead and smile when you do it!
  4. No way, mixing different canvases is totally fine!!
    Not all of my accessories match. I love mixing damier with mono, and damier with cherry blssom.
  5. Go ahead and mix it up!!! (Beside, you paid a lot of money for that wallet, so it goes with everything - no matter what anyone else may think!!!!!!)
  6. I like the LV mixed up a little!
  7. No, it might be very cute!
  8. I love to match (a bit too much! Haha) but there's nothing wrong with mixing it up! :yes:
  9. I mix it up most of the time so no, nothing wrong with your idea.
  10. wallets from lv are too expensive to match with everything.....
    700 bucks is a little much for something that will be hidden half the day..
  11. That's me too! :nuts:

    I never think any LV together is bad though IMO!
  12. Actually, I like variety. :yes: I'm beginning to get a little embarrassed when I pull out my mono wallet out of my mono handbag, LOL. I know, it's all in my head...
  13. i personally don't like matching. i use my damier pochette w/ my epi wallet and vernis cles.
  14. You can match if you want to :yes: I use my monogram wallet for everything.

    But I recently had an experience at Macy's where I was using an LV and the sales associate just outright asked me "how much was that bag"? While I was pulling out my LV wallet and when she saw that she became speechless. :wtf: I quickly said I like durability of LV's, quickly paid and left.
  15. you do whatever you want