Do you ladies put anything on to protect the leather?

  1. I was just curious if any of you ladies spray any type of leather protector on your leather bags? I have never done this and was just wondering. THANKS :P
  2. For my leather coach bags I used the Coach Moisturizer..
  3. I have never used any leather protector on my Coach bags. Being there is soooooo many different types of leather and with the dye they use on the leather I would definitely ask a sales associate if they would recommend it. Coach leather cleanser and moisturizer are great, but are not recommended for all leather types including the pebbled leather collection so make sure you ask Coach before using them.
  4. I use a product called Vintage leather cleaner & conditioner which is made by Tannery, it cleans and protects and works wonders. I have used it on my Todds shoes, Chanel bags, Gucci bags and all the trim on my LV's. I have used this for a few years with no problems, when you purchase items most of the sales people will tell you to use a soft cloth or bring it back to them and they will send it off to their for cleaning and you can wait weeks. I would test the product on a small area of the leather first to see if it is safe. I found a great way to clean the LV Vernis but that is another story.