Do you ladies feel bad when you cheat on yours SAs?

  1. Just wondering what you ladies do when you really have a sudden urge to buy a bag. And when you call your usual Chanel boutique and your SAs off that day. Do you take whoever is willing to help you out? But what if you want to see a bag IRL before you buy it so you call just to have the bag on hold for you. And when you go in to see the bag your usual SA is there. Do you ladies feel ashamed of your disloyalty?
  2. OMG I DO!!!! I cant do it it makes me crazy esp in chanel!! I absolutely ADORE my SA he is the BEST, really he takes care of me sooo well I love him. So if i go and he's not there ill try and wait but if not i get from someone else i know, but 9 times out of ten i call before i go in, bc i dont like cheating on my SA
  3. I dont like it but sometimes it happens but I will say I feel bad for a few days untill my husband says get a grip your nice and if you really dont want to miss out happens sometimes -fran