Do You Know Your Neighbors ?

  1. Do you know your neighbors ?

    Do you socialize with them ?

    Once a year our building host a potluck dinner, which is a fun way to catch up with neighbors we hardly see.

    In our building, there is one couple we have drinks and dinner with occasionally. We manly socialize with friends & co workers that live near by or in another borough.
  2. I live in a nice development, we have some of the sweetest neighbors ever. I am best friends with a woman I met who lives across the street, she and her family treat me like family. It is like having the family I don't have. With my circle of neighbors, if I need help, or they need help somebody is always there to get you kid off the bus, watch you child if you have to take the other ones to the doctors, ect.... We can call at any hour if we need each other. My friend has called me up at 10-11PM because she heard noises in her house and I always go over to check. We can borrow stuff, we share food. We have parties, in the summer the kids are always around and there are fun things to do. We do movie nights. It is just so nice. I really think it is rare to find a group of people who are so nice to each other. I think I am very lucky. I think one of the best things is we watch out for each other and our kids.
  3. no, not really. i always wave hello when driving by and i see people from the neighborhood walking their dogs or riding bikes. we don't really socialize with our next door neighbors, though. i find that most of the people in my neighborhood are friendly, however, some of them are just plain rude.

    every year, the association (who collects a TON of $$$ in fees) throws a neighborhood party... i've never attended one, though. i always had plans on the same day.
  4. Yeah, I know my neighbors :smile:

    We live nextdoor to my grandmother, and when I didn't live here we visited nearly every year. Our surrounding neighbors have lived here longer than I've been alive, so I've known them pretty much all my life

    I don't really socialize with my other neighbors since they are much older than me, but we are friendly with eachother and say hello and catch up when we pass eachother. We have also had all of our neighbors over for coffee and cake when we first moved in.
  5. I reside in an 'upper class' development. Some would call it 'McMansionville' It's a beautiful and serene place but we are spaced out from one another. People are very nice and wave. They will also stop to talk to you if they see you outside but none of us are really close. We also stop to talk when we are out walking --we have a beautiful walking path throughout the neighborhood.
    I can say I 'know' them but I don't really 'know' them.
    For the most part everyone is on their own little island. No neighborhood cookouts or anything like that. We mainly socialize with our friends who live in nearby developments.

    I wouldn't want to live anywhere else though. Life if great here and the neighbors are good people.
  6. I know all of my neighbors - whether I want to or not! I'm just kidding, I'm a Community Assistant and it would be hard for me not to know my neighbors. To our right they're really nice guys, when they bake they bring stuff over and have made me lunch! To the left, I see one guy regularly and the other? Not so much.
  7. We don't--we live in an older neighborhood in our city, and all the homes around us are full of renters. We own our home, but our neighbors come and go so often, we don't get (or take) a chance to know them. Some of them have been very bad people--and by that I mean drug dealers.:cursing:
  8. We just bought our house 4 months ago, on each side of us there are older women who look to be in about there 50's. We have never had a conversation, only quick waves or hellos. I live on a quiet street so some of my neighbors I still haven't seen.
  9. I live in an apartment building with eight units, and I only know a few of my neighbors. The girl who lives above me actually came to my door to ask if she could stay in my first-floor apartment when there were tornado warnings. I know her fairly well now.
  10. We have GREAT neighbors.

    My son is going through a horrible divorce and the person that he talks to the most about his feelings is man who lives across the street from him. My son is still living in the house that I bought when he was in junior high school and the neighbors are like family to him.

    I live with my SO about 20 miles away from my son now and we have great neighbors there, too.

    Even the people that don't regularly socialize are friendly and helpful and we all loan each other tools and yard stuff. If someone is outside and looks as if they are doing yardwork with heavy lifting or hauling involved, anyone who sees them will come over and ask if help is needed.

  11. sounds like a dream, how wonderful :heart:
  12. This is my neighborhood but with something going on about every week. We have a gorgeous huge clubhouse with staff who plans parties, luncheons, get togethers all the time. We also have a golf course & restaurant on sight.
    We are out of town alot so I can't socialize as much as I'd like.
  13. That's what I call being very neighborly :yes:
  14. Some people leave their own neighborhood to socialise with people of different neighborhoods.
  15. yep, I have lovely neighbours, I am closer to one side than the other, they come for dinner and we go there too, but the other side are just as nice, they just like to keep themselves to themselves more, but still always water the plants for us and take in mail etc