Do you know wyour designers?

  1. Match'em up!

    1. Karl Lagerfeld ?????????????????????????????????????A. Christian Dior
    2. Christopher Bailey ?????????????????????????????????B. Hermes
    3. Nicholas Ghiresqiere ???????????????????????????????C. Chanel/ Fendi
    4. John Paul Gaultier ?????????????????????????????????D. Balenciaga
    5. Marc Jacobs ??????????????????????????????????????E. Louis Vuitton
    6. John Galiano ??????????????????????????????????????F. Burberry

  2. 1.) Karl Lagerfeld- Chanel- This one is a bit tricky because he used to be a design consultant for Fendi.
    2.) Christopher Bailey- Burberry
    3.) Nicholas Ghesquiere- Balenciaga
    4.) Marc Jacobs- Louis Vuitton
    5.) John Galiano- Christian Dior

    These are the correct answers :biggrin:
  3. I thought Lagerfeld still did some design consulting for Fendi?????
  4. Wow...very good Pursegalsf! You get an A+ and a smiley face! :biggrin:
  5. pursegalf has got the correct answers. But I think she has a mistake somewhere. Karl Lagerfeld is still the designer behind Fendi clothes. Not too sure about the bags.
  6. Yup he is but I thought she was just asking about handbags...
  7. i read in vogue (i think) that he designed the buckles for the b-bags.