Do you know who Nicole's sunnies are by? :)

  1. Hi ladies,
    I just LOVE Nicole's sunnies and really want to buy them but I have no clue who they are by... Do you know by any chance?

    Thanks so much!:yes:
  2. I think they're Chloe.
  3. ^^Thanks for your response, Breakfast Lover!:flowers: I thought so, too, but have not been able to find them online or in shops anywhere so I thought I might have been wrong..
  4. I really love them but I couldn't find them anywhere either! Saks and NM don't have them anymore.
  5. ^^I'll definitely let you know as soon as I find them anywhere so you can get the, too, Breakfast Lover!:yes:
  6. Does anyone know? I really want them..:shame:
  7. i'm pretty sure they're those chloés, but i can't find them online either!
  8. Awww.. thanks MarieG..........
    I bought this pair of Chloe instead...

  9. they could be ted lapidus (vintage) to
  10. Ted Lapidus
  11. those are so similar :wtf: naughty chloé!

    but i prefer the chloés actually, i might be imagining it but i think i've seen them in a more matte finish which is more me..